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My musical tastes are very varied, and I have been thinking about doing this particular podcast for along time and been putting it off, when you hear you may not appreciate it as some of the tracks are challenging and you may not even call them music hence the name of this podcast NOISE.

When I first became aware not just on music but, who I was, was with the awakening to a new style of music. It was 1977/78 and The Clash and the Sex Pistols hit the scene bring with them punk rock, with this new music I became aware of music, politics, art, fashion and ultimately who I was. I do still like to listen to punk rock but not all day every day as I used to.

At that time I was very closed mind, at first only listening to punk rock but then I also started listening to reggae and dub along with experimental music and this is where this podcast comes in. I have tried to make this podcast varied and not too overwhelming, droning and dull and included tracks from Throbbing Gristle and SPK but whilst digging I came across The Future.

The Future were formed in 1977 and they made a demo in a Sheffield house, the band later went on to great things but under a new name The Human League. Then we conclude with the band that I used to slip into almost every podcast Kraftwerk but with a twist, instead of Kraftwerk it’s covers, showing the reach that Rolf and Florian have had.

Banksy The Man Behind The Wall

Banksy The Man Behind The Wall

Banksy The Man Behind The Wall

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UK Runnings Presents XO The Rebellion – Kush & Cognac (Hosted by @TrickstaUK) @fivensix @closure1 @tommydmo @ukrunnings @parkstreetpr



‘XO: The Rebellion’ or ‘XOTR’ for short are a brand new Hip Hop group coming straight out of Luton Town, UK. The group comprises of three talented artists: Stephen Fivensix, Tommy DMO and Closure who are all good friends outside the studio. All three members sing and rap with Fivensix behind a lot of the instrumentals/productions the group have released to date.

Fivensix and Tommy DMO have been good friends for about a decade and have shared the stage on a number of occasions in the past. As former band musicians and accomplished guitarists, their influence and experience works to further set XOTR aside from other artists working in the same genre.

XOTR’s brand new mixtape ‘Kush & Cognac’ debuts as part of the long standing British hip hop mixtape series ‘UK Runnings’ and is hosted by veteran mixtape deejay: Tricksta. The release consists of 11 eclectic tracks that draw influence from south-coast trap, east-coast boom bap, RnB, soul, acoustic and rock genres making this a very interesting and unique mixtape release. The trio have recorded on mostly original instrumentals apart from two popular beat remakes.

All three artists have enjoyed success in the past with their solo projects, however with their skills now combined they hope to make their presence even further known in the UK music scene. Download UK Runnings presents: ‘Kush & Cognac’ now and hear for yourself what all the buzz is about surrounding this relatively new collaborative project.

UK Runnings Presents XO The Rebellion – Kush & Cognac (Track-listing)

01 – Intro (Tricksta)
02 – Urban Decay (Prod. 5n6)
03 – Dream (Remake Prod. Cardiak)
04 – Numero Uno (Prod. MilesAway)
05 – G’d Up (Prod. MilesAway)
06 – Red and Black (Remake Prod. PushaBoy)
07 – Light Up Trees (Prod. 5n6)
08 – My City Acoustic Cover (Performed by 5n6)
09 – Shades of Green (Prod. 5n6)
10 – Is This the Way (Instrumental) (Composed. 5n6) (Bonus Track)
11 – Outro (Tricksta)


Sponsored Dat Piff Download link:

A.C – Keep It Together #UKHipHop Album Out Now @ACTheMC @ParkStreetPR

ac front cover keep it together 500

01. Intro: What makes a man?
02. Back Again!
03. That’s That
04. Work
05. Get Some
06. Stuck in the Game
07. True Story
08. Watching Me
09. Lost ft. Alex Dutty & Genesis Elijah
10. Let it Rain
11. Fuck that shit!
12. A Better Way ft. David Bishop
13. Struggle for the Soul
14. So What!
15. Don’t Sleep
16. Got Plans
17. How I Feel ft. David Bishop
18. Strike Back!
19. Trees
20. Later 03:33
21. Bonus Track: Stuck in the Zoo
22. Bonus Track: Live n Learn

The album is available to buy for £5 either MP3 Digital or CD Physical on

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