Where are you from and is there anyone else big in the game from your area?
I’m from a city in Southeast Georgia called Savannah. Most people just call it ‘Seaport’ for short because of all the water and we get alot in on the docks. Legally and illegally. There was a time when the biggest name to ever come out of Savannah was my brother Jason Johnson, who the world knew as “Camoflauge”. When he was murdered in 2003, it was one of the darkest moments in my cities history. It literally shattered our rap scene and everything fell apart after he left. It took us a while to pick up the pieces and with cats like myself, Bugga, and a handful of others, we’re here and stronger than ever. Unfortunately, Bugga was also murdered recently and my condolensces go out to his family. So for the moment, I feel like it’s all on me. There’s other artists going hard down here that y’all need to know about, but, the way my mind works: it’s all on me. And I came to finish what my fallen brothers started.

Explain the music that you make. Describe your style and tell us what makes you different from other rappers out there?
The only category I fit in is ‘artist’. I listen to alot of other genres like Alternative, R&B, Rock, etc so it all bleeds into my music. One minute I will give you a Rap record, the next minute it’s a Hip Hop record, the third minute it’s got a Rock or an R&B element. It’s whatever is in my head and heart at that moment. As far as subject matter, I literally speak on whatever is weighing on my head or spirit. It might not be the most politically correct topic but, oh, well. Most times you will hear me speaking on my past and present experiences, rather that’s good or bad. ‘Good’ or ‘bad’ is relative to who you’re talking to anyway. Some say that I’m glorifying negative aspects of society. No, I’m not. They don’t know what the hell they’re talking about. All I do is pull back the curtain on alot of shit that you would otherwise not know about. If I make the world aware of it, hopefully it will change so somebody’s child doesn’t have to come up in the conditions that I came up in. I speak on everything from drugs to politics, real women to bitches, cars to mutual funds, and of course God and religion. I read alot and I feel like I owe it to my fans to give them my past, no matter how grimy, while showing my present and telling them how to make the future better.

What would you say has been your biggest achievement in Hip-Hop so far?
I feel my biggest achievements so far would be the fact that I’m one of the few responsible for anybody even knowing Savannah exists outside of riverboats and beaches. One of the few, like the late Camoflauge, that give you the grimy Savannah that nobody wants you to know about. I’ve been blessed to have my music featured on some of the top mixtapes and projects in the world ranging from ‘Shadyville (Shady/Aftermath)’ and ‘ChronicCast (Slip-N-Slide)’ mixtapes to the most recent worldwide release of DJ Ames ‘International Hustle 8’ that I’m actually hosting and ‘Yellow Tape Chronicles’ which is my latest official mixtape hosted by DJ Aaries, DJ SouthanBred, and DJ T-Roc. Then, of course there’s the huge buzz around the ‘Like a Ballplayer’ record and video. I just shot a video for the new record ‘In Your Way’ produced by High Notes that’s getting crazy buzz all over the industry.

What studio do you record in and does anyone help you to get your music made?
I record most of my projects in Full Blown Studios located in south Atlanta. I don’t lay down tracks anywhere else simply because the musical chemistry between myself and my engineer, Tank the Destroyer, is a hard one to find. We have our own sound and alot of times he knows what sound I’m going for before I even speak on it. I believe that explains why we can bang out so many high quality records so frequently. Beyond my several in-house producers and my engineer, I don’t get help making records because I’m not a ‘rapper’, I’m an artist. I even songwrite and ghostwrite for other artists. I’ve been told that I have an ear and a knack for hearing the concept of a song in a track and painting a vivid picture of it. That all lends to my versatility. That, and the fact that I listen to all genres of music, from Alternative to Rock to Rap to R&B. All of those influences bleed into my music.

Lyrically, what can we expect from you?
Greatness. Period. I’ve dedicated my life to this craft and have taken some major losses over it so if somebody thinks I’m not gonna put my soul into being the best mc you’ve ever heard then you might need an intervention. I was given a gift, but, it’s like any other gift that you’re given. If you don’t nurture it, care for it, take it serious, it will deteriorate and ultimately become damages and worthless. My whole thought process revolves around one question that is firmly planted in my mind: ‘If Not Me, Then Who?’. That basically means that if I don’t take over the game, who will? If I don’t show you what real lyrics and talent are, who will? The bottom line is alot of cats feel that it’s they’re going to be the one to do it. I don’t feel that way. I swear to God I know I’m going to be the one to change the industry’s direction. Simple and plain.

Tell us about the new release. Anyone supporting it?
My latest project actually dropped on August 4th of this year. The UK Mixtape King himself DJ Ames enlisted me to host his coveted ‘International Hustle 8’ which is a worldwide mixtape release. The feedback on that has been ape shit from DJs and fans alike. I put some exclusives on there that you probably won’t hear on any other project and you can cop it easily by downloading it from and several other international websites. Be warned, it’s a monster. I got another all official mixtape dropping this fall so stay tuned to for all the latest on what’s good with me and mine. Some of my biggest supporters are the top DJs in the world. Rather it’s DJ Emiliot in Belgium, DJ Taylrmayd of Slip-n-Slide, DJ Whut It Dew of the Fleet DJs, DJ Ophax in France, or DJ Whyking in Norway, I mean the list is longer than Warren Buffett money. Shouts to all my DJs, promoters, and fans. Love all y’all.

Any plans to do any tracks with ‘big name’ rappers or producers?
I don’t make ‘plans’ to do tracks or records with anybody in particular. I believe what’s supposed to happen will happen. When you start thinking and focusing on things like ‘damn I have to make a record with Producer ‘X’ because he’s the hottest in the game right now, you end up spending 3/4 of your budget and getting a record that might not even be hot. With all due respect, I don’t care if your the hottest anything in the game right now. The name of my game is quality records, so if that comes from an cat that is ‘new’ to the game then so be it. Most times it’s a lower cost and a better product anyway. Shouts to all my in-house producers, Tank the Destroyer of Full Blown Ent., Yung Pimp out of SouthWest Atlanta, Norway’s own High Notes who did the ‘In Your Way’ record, Joe Gus and the Nomineez, and of course Big Rus whose responsible for alot of records you hear on ‘Yellow Tape Chronicles’ mixtape released spring of 2009. He’s also the monster behind the ‘Like a Ballplayer’ record. They toss up the alley oop and I throw it down. Simple as that.

Is Hip-Hop dead?
It’s dead as some older cats know it. It’s a different game, the ones still doing it have adapted and evolved with it. The reason most say it’s dead is because these cats are not taking the craft seriously. The whole thought process is ‘I gotta get one hot record’ and unfortunately the majors are becoming a catalyst for that. You can’t buy into that because if it was up to the majors, hip hop wouldn’t exist in the first place. Remember, Def Jam was an independant label first. You have to know the history in order to put the present in its proper perspective. I respect cats getting money but that doesn’t mean I have to respect how you’re getting it and that doesn’t mean you have to care what I think. That doesn’t affect me one way or another. But, in order for real lyrics to make a comeback it’s going to take artists like myself who take the craft seriously and focus on longevity in order to steer the game in another more talented direction. Most ‘rappers’ now are just looking at creating one single and living off of that for as long as possible with ringtone and downloads. I want to deliver projects so hot that you have no choice but to buy it in its entirety. It’ll be cheaper that way for you anyway.

What are your views on mixtapes?
I believe mixtapes are necessary to give the industry and the streets a taste of what you can do and who you are. In today’s game more people buy mixtapes than actual albums and nobody gives a damn about your album if they haven’t heard you rip a few mixtapes first. That’s just how it goes. Mixtapes are here to stay so you just have to learn how to use them. There are alot of cats eating good off of mixtapes only.

In your honest opinion who are the greatest five MC’s of all time and why?
This is one of the most heated topics out there. Most cats don’t agree with mine for several reasons, but, that’s why it’s mine and not theirs. So, in this order:

5. Jay-Z
4. Andre 3000
3. Notorious B.I.G.
2. Eminem
1. Tupac/Makaveli

Yea, yea, yea….I put Eminem above Biggie. Simple reason why is that Em is hands down the best lyricist of all time whether you can relate to his subject matter or not. Listen to the words and you’ll see what I mean. Jay-Z is the monster of the double entendre. Andre 3000 can’t be matched for creativity plus lyrically he will eat you alive and smile while doing it, then pat you on the back afterwards and walk away. Lastly, Tupac is number one for obvious reasons. No one has ever embodied the contrasts of life and politics like he did. Period. Lyrically, these are the five mc’s that I put myself up against when I’m writing records. Those are the bars I try to exceed. I feel like I’m doing well so far. One day somebody’s top five list will include ‘Skripture aka Lil’ Savannah’, God Willing.

Who distributes for your music?
My main distributor of the several that I have is 101 Distribution. They’re more indie friendly and put me in all the right places, from iTunes and Rhapsody to Best Buy and Wal-Mart. Besides them I have my own network between my label 4 Alarm Music Group and TGR Entertainment, LLC that gets my product out to the Moms and Pops and local underground retailers. We’re currently entertaining a few P&D offers and whoever gets the figures right first, wins.

Out of all the gripes of being independent what do you think is the hardest obstacles to overcome?
The hardest obstacle is going to be finances more often than not. Most majors are machines with seemingly endless money to throw at projects for marketing and promotion. Indies, though, are most time ran by folks who are investing their own money into their business to compete with the same majors that I’m talking about. Alot of times that money was supposed to go to rent, car notes, or food. Nobody sacrifices like an up and coming indie label. Especially when you factor in things like payola and the fact that you don’t have the TV time majors do, it makes it a virtually impossible fight. But, then again, if it was easy, everybody would do it. Alot are trying but not everyone is succeeding. Some say it’s not fair, but, when has life been fair. Play the hand you’re dealt.

On the flipside of the coin, do you have any tip s for someone just coming in the game?
My main advice is that you have to be a true hustler and businessperson to turn an indie artist or label successful, so make sure you read as many of the right books as you can and stay informed because you’re already behind the eight ball so do yourself a favor: be realistic, be smart, and be willing to lose small now in order to win big later. Most of all, though, be patient and don’t wait for handouts. Nobody respects desperation. Go take yours and the fans will find you.

Have you featured on any DVD’s or made any music videos?
I’ve been on plenty of DVD’s and more recently the video for my new banger ‘In Your Way’ produced by High Notes will be on several more, including Hustle DVD among others after it world premieres this fall This past spring we shot the video for the ‘Like A Ballplayer’ joint that has had a ridiculous buzz from day one of it’s release. You can find the ‘Like A Ballplayer’ video on more sites than I can name here. The main ones are of course YouTube, Blastro, MySpace, AOL TV, etc etc. Google me for more info on what’s good with my situation.

With My Space being so popular do you think its still worth having a website?
Truthfully, alot of people think MySpace replaced the need for an official website. Hell no it didn’t. MySpace is great for what it is, a networking site you can use to gain a fanbase and be seen and heard by people who otherwise may not know you. The cons are that the music is compressed to high hell and you’re limited in what you can do. It’s a better idea to use MySpace as a means of driving fans and potential supporters to an actual blog or official website. It’s a much more official look and you can put a lot more information on it. On top of that, the music sounds better which is always a plus, especially when you’re trying to get the attention of industry cats or DJs. Just put yourself in a position where you have all your bases covered. That’s the name of the game.

DJ Cable Mash Down vol 3

This time around, DJ Cable has gone in with a mixture of Dubstep, Grime, Bassline, UK Garage, and some Southern Hip Hop from the likes of Crissy Criss, High Rankin, Rusko, Joker, Emalkay, Ruff Squad, Tempz, Bonecrusher, David Banner and more. The selection is pretty upfront and aggressive (sprinkled with a couple of classic anthems too),banging from start to finish.

01. Intro…
02. Mark Instinct – Invader
03. N-Type & The Others – Technophobe
04. Maniac – Thug
05. The Prodigy – Warrior’s Dance (Benga Remix)
06. JME – Standard
07. Reso – Smash Yer Face In
08. Crissy Criss – Kick, Snare
09. Distance – Night Vision (Skream Remix)
10. Jakes – Rock The Bells
11. Emalkay – Explicit
12. Chase & Status – Saxon
13. Chase & Status – Saxon (OH SNAP! Edit Stylee)
14. The Count & Sinden – Hardcore Girls (Project Bassline Remix)
15. Jammin – Hold On + “Scratch Interlude”
16. Ludacris Feat. Shawnna – What’s Your Fantasy
17. Jakes & Joker – 3Klane
18. Skepta – I Spy
19. Tempa T – Next Hype
20. Rusko – Mr. Muscle
21. D.O.K. – Warning
22. Benga – Buzzin’
23. Kyza – Go (Bar 9 Remix)
24. Foreign Beggars Vs. Rouge A Levres (Feat. Primecuts) – Hit That Gash (Itchy Naaan Re-rub)
25. Vista – Forcefield
26. Bonecrusher Feat. Killer Mike & T.I. – Never Scared
27. Caspa – Marmite
28. Ruff Sqwad – Xtra
29. Skream – Simple City
30. High Rankin – No Money For Guns
31. Joker – Do It
32. Seven – Drop
33. David Banner Feat. Lil Flip – Like A Pimp
34. Chingy – Juice
35. Fused Forces – What’s Going Down
36. Basement Jaxx – Raindrops (Doorly’s Dubstep Remix)

DJ Cable Mash Down vol 3

Echodub Loves

This album is the first in a series of releases that Echodub are putting together to highlight some of the artists that we love.

We selected a number of artists, and asked them all to contribute to what we feel is a showcase of some of the most beautiful music coming from the deeper end of the dubstep, electronic and IDM genres.

01 – Skyence – Precious Time
02 – Martello Rotativo – Get Busy
03 – Apathesis – Untitled
04 – Autopilot – Once More (Echodub Edit)
05 – 3rdeye – Undulate
06 – Kerogen – Hope
07 – Psychonaught – Warm and Easy
08 – Bojcot Selectah & Dawn – Believe
09 – FBOM – Each Day
10 – Mako – Avec La Tech
11 – Moonchild – The Glass Lake
12 – Roof Light – Kamino

Echodub Loves

Joy Orbison on Green Money

There is so much great new dubstep music out there and lately I’ve been enjoying the sounds from Joy Orbison. Here he is making a guest appearance on the Green Money radio show.

Joy Orbison on Green Money radio show

* Dark Star – Aidy’s Girls A Computer – Hyperdub
* Zomby – Rumours and Revelations – Ramp
* Guido – Beautiful Complication – Punch Drunk
* Geeneus – Get Low – Dubplate
* Leo Greenmoney “Blast From The Past” Ms Dynamite – Dynamitee – Osunlade Remix – P Records
* Guest Mix: Joy Orbison Intro
* Shed – Warped Mind // Ostgut Ton
* DJ T – Dis // Get Physical
* Stush & Hard House Banton – We Nah Run (Sirens Riddim) // Unreleased
* Greena – Maracay // Forthcoming Applepips
* Ghosts On Tape – Predator Mode (Roska Remix) // Forthcoming Wireblock
* Joy Orbison – BRKLN CLLN // Forthcoming Doldrums
* Pearson Sound – Wad // Hessle Audio
* Shortstuff – A Rustling // Ramp
* Joy Orbison – The Shrew Would Have Cushioned The Blow // Unreleased
* Mount Kimbie – Sketch On Glass // Hotflush
* Strickly Dubz – Realise // Urban Dubz
* Joy Orbison – Tentative Bidding // Unreleased
* Joy Orbison – Wet Look // Hotflush
* One For The Money “Single Of The Week” Jack Beats – U.F.O – CDR

Headhunter Dub War Podcast 9

Here is a nice podcast from Dub War. Podcast number 9 is by Headhunter and is pretty dubby & chilled dubstep in its style.

Headhunter Dub War Podcast 9

1. Haxan – Demdike Stare – Forthcoming Modern Love
2. Dublicator – Liquid Subsance – Deep In Dub
3. Orphan 101 – Dubplate
4. Pavel & Pinch – Jellybean – Dub
5. DFRNT – Headspace (Scuba Remix)
6. Dissident – Silver Society (Headhunter Remix) – Hot Flush
7. Aligning Minds – Zeke – Forthcoming Transistor
8. Headhunter – Sex At The Prom – Forthcoming Tempa
9. Jack Sparrow – Untitled – Dub
10. Addison Groove – Chasing Dragons – Dub
11. DJ Madd – Someone (Breakage Remix)
12. Rob Sparx – Bloodbath – Forthcoming Z Audio
13. F – See The Light – Forthcoming 7Even
14. DJG – Avoid The Noid (Headhunter Remix)
15. Headhunter – Prototype (Modeselektor Remix)
16. Jack Sparrow – Terminal – Techonic
17. Moderat – A New Error (Headhunter’s Answr Error Rmx) – 50 Weapons
18. Kryptic Minds – Archangel – Dub
19. Headhunter – 3 Mad P’s – Forthcoming Tempa
20. Headhunter & F – Dedale – Forthcoming Transistor
21. Synkro – Angels – Dub
22. Headhunter – Default – Dub
23. Badawi – Lost Highway (Headhunter Remix) – the Index
24. Headhunter – Ginneys – Dub
25. Distance – Twilight – Dub

The Best Reggae Album Ever

Probably not the best ever but quite commercial and I have enjoyed rocking to some of these tunes in my youth, so for me i shall enjoy listening and it will bring a smile to my face.

01. Bob Marley – Sun Is Shining (2:07)
02. Peter Tosh & Mick Jagger – (You Gotta Walk) Don Look Back (3:42)
03. Althea & Donna – Uptown Top Ranking (3:53)
04. Ali G (Featuring Shaggy) – Me Julie (3:34)
05. Black Slate – Amigo (4:50)
06. Sophia George – Girlie Girlie (3:06)
07. Aswad – Shine (3:39)
08. Errol Dunkley – OK Fred (2:56)
09. Gregory Isaacs – Night Nurse (4:02)
10. Beenie Man – Dancehall Queen (4:26)
11. Diana King – Shy Guy (3:37)
12. Revelation Time & Ruud Gullit – South Africa (3:30)
13. Blondie – The Tide Is High (4:41)
14. Musical Youth – Pass The Dutchie (3:19)
15. Shabba Ranks Feat. Chevelle Franklin – Mr. Loverman (3:35)
16. Clint Eastwood & General Saint – Stop That Train (3:10)
17. Boris Gardiner – I Want To Wake Up With You (4:16)
18. The Goombay Dance Band – Sun Of Jamaica (4:20)
19. Pato Banton – Baby Come Back (3:49)
20. Wayne Wonder – No Letting Go (3:21)

01. UB40 – Kingston Town (3:47)
02. June Lodge & Prince Mohammed – Someone Loves Jou Honey (3:50)
03. BEEF – I Would Stay (3:29)
04. Jimmy Cliff – Sunshine In The Music (3:56)
05. Third World – Now That We Found Love (3:50)
06. Ziggy Marley – Look Whos Dancing (4:07)
07. Apache Indian – Boom Shak A Lak (3:44)
08. Dillenger – Cocaine In My Brain (3:19)
09. Tippa Irie – Hello Darling (3:27)
10. Chaka Demus & Pliers – Murder She Wrote (4:05)
11. Maxi Priest – Some Guys Have All The Luck (5:29)
12. Barry Biggs – Love Come Down (3:57)
13. Afrika bambaataa & UB40 – Reckless (4:49)
14. Monyaka – Goh Deh Yaka (3:47)
15. Wayne Wade – Lady (3:43)
16. Dennis Jones & Pussycat – Mississippi (3:49)
17. Roots Syndicate – Mockin Bird Hill (3:01)
18. Bitty Mcclean – It Keeps Rainin (3:46)
19. 10cc – Dreadloch Holiday (4:25)
20. Shaggy – Mr. Boombastic (3:47)

The Best Reggae Album Ever

VA – Dubstep Collection 3

01. Alter Ego – Fuckingham Palace (Modeselektor`s Sw1a1aa Remix)
02. Beeds + Hostage – Evil ‘kin Evil!!
03. Bjork – Dull Flame Of Desire (Modeselektora`s Remix For Boys)
04. Black Rabbit – Ard krew
05. Bomb The Bass – Fuzzbox
06. Buraka Som Sistema – Kalemba (Hot Chip Remix)
07. Buraka Som Sistema – Kalemba (Reso’s Aguardente Remix)
08. Dubwoofa – Devoliz
09. Eryka Badu & Ziggy Marley – I Luv U (Dubstep Mix)
10. F – Icon
11. F – Phase One
12. Hadouken! – Crank It Up (Clik Clik Remix)
13. Kid Sister – Pro Nails (Rusko Remix)
14. Kromestar – Kalawanji
15. L-Wiz – Girl From Codeine City
16. Landslide – Dreams & Visions (Compound One Remix)
17. Little Boots – Meddle (Joker Remix)
18. Malente & Dex – Malente & Dex
19. MRK1 – Get Out Clause
20. MRK1 – Infection
21. Pangaea – You & I (Original Mix)
22. Rouguestar – come around (Dubstep Remix)
23. Rusko – Original Cut
24. Starkey – No Struggle
25. Terry Lynn – Streetlife (Wildlife! Mix)
26. The Others – Africa
27. The Others – Bushido
28. The Others – Flap Jack
29. The Others – Fun House
30. The Others – Ganja Man

VA – Dubstep Collection 3

Scratch Perverts, Akira Kiteshi and Mr Nice Download

The Ninja Tune radio show Solid Steel has a really cool broadcast this week with mixes from Scratch Perverts and Akira Kiteshi that contains massive doses of wicked dubstep. Apparently the Akira Kiteshi is the same mix that was aired earlier on Electronic Explorations.

PART 1 — Scratch Perverts
Jakes / In The Place Ta Be*Hench
Skream / Metal Mouth*Dubplate
Bjork / Nattura [switch Remix]*Test
Skream / Lets Go F*cking Mental*Dubplate
Jakes / Rock The Bells*Hench
Orion / Mods*Dubplate
Kyza – Go / Bar9 Remix*Dented
Gemmy / Supligen*Planet Mu
Subscape / Nothings Wrong*Dubplate
Martyn / Natural Selection [flying Lotus Remix]*3024
12th Planet / Control*Cdr
Bass Boy / Fried Macrul*Cdr
Zomby / Rumours And Revolutions*Cheap Thrills
Buraka Som Sistema / Sound Of Kuduro Ft M.i.a [mehdi Remix]*Fabric
Feadz Ft Wes / Unkown*Cdr
Zombie Disco Squad / The Dance*Cdr
Kissy Sell Out / This Kiss [jack Beats Remix]*Cdr
A-trak And Laidback Luke / Shake It Down*Cdr
The Proxy / Raven (crookers Remix)*Cdr
Blaqstarr & Diplo / Get Off [jack Beats Remix]*Mad Decent
Renaissance Man / What Is Guru?*Cdr

PART 2 — Akira Kiteshi
Eprom / Bubbles*Skryptom
Vibesquad / Groundscore*Vibesquad
Bassnectar / Kick It Up (remix)*Om Records
Beastie Boys / Intergalactic [accapella]*Capitol
Akira Kiteshi / Boom N Pow*Black Acre
Tag Team / Whoomph There It Is [accapella]*Life
Reso / Busted Crunk*Civil Music
Akira Kiteshi / Hells Teeth*Black Acre
Bassnectar & Akira Kiteshi / Itza Bouta Git Hektic/beet Tu*Om Records
Eprom / Humanoid*Skryptom
Akira Kiteshi / Ulysses31*Black Acre
Starkey / Guttermusic*Keysound
Ffa / Mutumbo (raffertie Bigg Sizzip Bass Remake)*Dubplate
16bit / Flat Beat*Dub & Run
Zomby / Spliff Dub (accapella]*Hyperdub
Dz / Game Over (a.k Pixelated Re-rub)*Dubplate
Reso / If You CanÕt Beat Em*Civil Music
The Rogue Element / The Hive (raffertieÕs Swarm Remix)*Exceptional
Rustie / Zig Zag*Wireblock
Emalky / Explicit*Dub Police
Akira Kiteshi / Akira Kiteshi*Black Acre
Starkey / Murderous Words*Keysound
Cardopusher / Homeless (quarta 330 Rmx)*Hyperdub
Moves!!! / All Skate*Dress To Sweat
Jeff Mills / The Bells*Purpose Maker
Loops Haunt / Roll Doom*Dubplate
Propa Tingz (featuring Dakini) / Babylons Scared (16bit Remix)*Freaks Of Nature
Dz / Awol*Badman Press

PART 3 — Mr Nice
The O’jays / For The Love Of Money*Philadelphia International Records
Eric B. & Rakim / Paid In Full (mini Madness – The Coldcut Remix)*Island Records
Jackson 5 / I Want You Back (z-trip Remix)*Motown
Hilltop Hoods / The Nosebleed Section*Obese Records
N.w.a / Express Yourself*Fourth & Broadway
Krs-one / South Bronx*Streetwave
Cypress Hill / Insane In The Brain*Ruffhouse Records
Britney Spears / Crazy*Jive
James Brown / The Payback*Polydor
Grandmaster Flash Feat. Melle Mel / The Message*Rca
Dr. Dre / Still Dre (instrumental)*Aftermath
Blackalicious / Sky Is Falling (accappella)*Mca Records
Mc Lyte / Cold Rock A Party*Eastwest
Regina Spektor / Fidelity*Sire
Unknown / Classic Beats & Breaks I – Track 53*Mp3
Notorious B.i.g / Juicy (accapella)*Arista
Unknown / Classic Beats & Breaks – Track 15*Mp3
George Baker / Little Green Bag*Colossus
Jurassic 5 / Swing Set*Up Above Records
Dj Shadow / The Number Song (cut Chemist Remix)*Def Beat
The Beastie Boys / Flute Loop*Grand Royal

PART 4 — Mr Nice
Punjabi Mc / Mundian To Bach Ke (feat. Jay-z)*Def Jam Uk
Black Eyed Peas / Weekends (ft Esthero)*Interscope Records
Swollen Members / Fuel Injected*Battle Axe Records
Moby / Honey*Mute Records
Jurassic 5 / Whats Golden*Interscope Records
Royskopp / Eple (original Edit)*Wall Of Sound
Eminem / Without Me (accapella)*Interscope Records
Dizzee Rascal / “fix Up, Look Sharp”*Matador
The Strokes / Someday*Bmg
Eric B. & Rakim / I Know You Got Soul (accapela)*Cooltempo
Dj Format / 3 Feet Deep*Genuine
Quannum / I Changed My Mind*Quannum
The Herd / 77%*Elefant Traks
Ugly Duckling / Turn It Up*Antidote
Katalyst / I Know A Place*Invada Records
Beastie Boys / Body Movin’ (fatboy Slim Remix)*Capitol Records
Fdel / The Crew*Invada Records
Lupe Fiasco / “kick, Push (accapella)”*Atlantic
Beck / Where It’s At*Geffen Records
The Avalanches / Frontier Psychiatrist*Modular Recordings
Rjd2 / Bus Stop Bitties*Definitive Jux

Scratch Perverts, Akira Kiteshi and Mr Nice Download