DJ WOO – Raske Rytmer – breakcore and experimental mix

DJ WOO is a Norwegian DJs as he spins the types of music, dubstep, breakcore, jungle, old school and drum & bass.

Here is a mix from him that he made for the club concept Raske Rytmer (Fast Rythms) that was supposed to be released on Healthy Boy. It consists mainly of unreleased breakcore and similar music from artists that he has played with the last few years. Lots of cool stuff in this mix including tracks from Kamerat Tord, Donna Summer, DJ C, Aaron Spectre, Ars Dada and many more.

01 Gocab – drone 01.2 00.00
02 Vestige – Advanced Thought Bacteria 02.06
03 Larvae – An Elegant Weapon 05.46
04 DJ C – It Dat(Ft. Wayne&Wax, Dami D, and Wasp) 10.04
05 HOH – Lovebreak (DJ WOO Remix) 13.47
06 Chevron – Punjab Airways 16.47
07 DJ WOO – Funk4 without Athana 19.57
08 Nes – Softbitch 20.19
09 Aaron Spectre – Ruiner (2001 Wreckstep Bootleg Mix) 22.40
10 Thermal – What I Got 26.22
11 id Submerged – Ex Game 27.43
12 id Submerged – Hexabit 28.39
13 Stonxy Blot Proxy – Grisbit2 29.09
14 Kamerat Tord – Flame Bait 30.15
15 U-TeQ – AshTaGakk 32.42
16 Kamerat Tord – Frollic 35.28
17 Stonxy Blot Proxy – Cheez02 38.25
18 id Submerged – Unknown 39.46
19 id Submerged – Regrets 40.14
20 Karl Marx Stadt – ByeByeFuture777 (rawdub) 40.25
21 Automat.Piss.Tool. – Drugs On Porridge 43.49
22 Automat.Piss.Tool. – Healthy Toys 45.11
23 Ars Dada – Butcher 45.30
24 Nes – Vekk 47.51
25 Gromov – Breaks Not Bombs (Mi Food) 48.41
26 DJ Donna Summer – I Got Ya 53.06
DJ C – Hear=D+Beat
Ars Dada – Christiania
27 Wipthrash – Phantom Fury (DJ WOO Recut) 56.46
28 Stonxy Blot Proxy – I Balja 57.30
DJ WOO – MS Loop 3.3
29 Gocab – drone 01.3 61.00
30 Company Fuck – Original Criminal 63.26

DJ WOO – Raske Rytmer

In The Myth Of Your First April EP

Was on Sturban Clothing blog and came across this so thought I would steal it , hope that’s ok lads 😉 I have given you a link.

Throwing Snow is an artist that makes music for the love of it rather than moeny, and we like that approach. Here’s a little EP Throwing Snow put out in 08 after the great appearance in Dusted Beats (Volume 2), Throwing Snow came back with his downtempo symphony “In The Myth Of Your First April” for acoustic double bass, keyboards, chords and swing-based broken beats. Playful sounds caress the ears with a magical fragile warmth, gradating in an enchanting soundtrack with an overall feel of calmness, reverie and something sad.

In The Myth Of Your First April EP


Outkast frontman Big Boi joins us to talk about his new album, staying as creatively diverse as possible, honesty as an artist, “Outkast are splitting up” rumors and lots more in a truly fruitful Conspiracy Radio interview. All Outkast fans do not miss these precious minutes with your star!

Eminem & Aftermath’s Denaun Porter steps in to talk in depth about Eminem’s new album Relapse 2, life with a sober Eminem – Eminem’s renewed writing energy – Eminem’s Tim Westwood interview – it was basically about Eminem with a bit on Dr Dre – écoute.

Jay Rock is making major waves across mainstream rap music and he takes time with us fresh out of a heavy studio session to talk about The Game, the hardships of modern living and his passion for the United Kingdom. He even drops several live freestyles suing key words that listeners throw at him – look out for the fish n chips freestyle – priceless.

Edan, the Self proclaimed “Quincy Jones of bad sound quality” was with us delivering what could only be described as an art collage of an interview. Listen as we discuss his latest project ’Echo Party’, his obsessiveness, Vinyl sleeve personalisation, production, past, his favourite Hip Hop albums and energy drink!. He even blesses us with a rhyme and offers a signed coconut to our listeners who can break down the science behind the rhyme. Clue: it is a metaphor, but what was it?

William Cooper, fresh from touring with Killah Priest, steps up to deliver a typically passionate and heartfelt exploration of his new album Beware Of The Pale Horse, the new Black Market Militia album, life with the Wu Tang Clan affiliation and so much more. Pour your hearts out for the emcees that matter.

Conspiracy Of Mind are on the show to introduce themselves to a new audience – with an escalating following and a voice that has helped the strong movement of Hip Hop, Emcee Just-1 and International Beat Master Nevahmind talk all about their debut album entitled “The Grand Deception”. This album is released in January 2010 and features guest appearances from Chino XL, Canibus, Diabolic, Phillip Morris, Adil Omar, Guerilla War Tactix, Dums from ACL, Prince EA, Born Visionz to name but a few. We want your support on this one – read more here –


We debut a brand new and astonishing Chino XL featured track ‘Sabotage’. Set to feature on Conspiracy Of Mind’s debut album, this is just the tip of the iceberg and a strong signal of things to come.


FACT mix 101 by The Village Orchestra – dubstep and bass music

Coil – Dark Start (Eskaton)
Erstlaub – Broadcasting On Ghost Frequencies (Moving Furniture Records)
Alva Noto – Sora (Raster-Noton)
V/vm – There Was A Fish In The Percolator Side A (V/VM Test)
Esplendor Geometrico – Introspeccion (Apocalyptic Vision)
Signal – Epirex Motor (Raster-Noton)
Spatial – 81012 (Infrasonics)
the8bitch – Jeff The Dolphin (unrreleased)
Nanorhythm – Continental Breakfast (unreleased)
The Marcia Blaine School For Girls – Phantom paint Stripper (TVO edit) (unreleased)
The Other People Place – Running From Love (Warp)
Ramadanman – Revenue (Untold remix) (2nd Drop Records)
TVO – Aklo Cut With Saffron (Highpoint Lowlife)
Phuture – Can You Feel The Bass (House mix) (Hot Mix 5)
Sarantis – Nytoglycerine (Terminal Dusk)
Kalon – Haiku (sandwell District)
Jamie Principle – Baby Wants To Ride (FFRR)
Scuba – Volt (Abucs)
Hot City – No More (Infrasonics)
Adeva – Don’t Think About It (187 Lockdown dub) (Distinct’ive)
Neil Landstrumm – ?20 to Get In (Planet Mu)
Lil Wayne – A Milli (MRK1 remix) (No Label Download)
Norman Nodge – Manmade (MDR)
Martyn – Vancouver (3024)
Kenny Larkin – Catatonic (Third State – Carl Craig remix) (R&S)
Lil Louis – Jupiter (Diamond Records)
RSD – Over It (Tectonic)
Silent Servant – Violencia (Kalon mix) (Sandwell District)
Farley Jackmaster Funk – All Acid Out (Trax)
La Dusseldorf – Rheinita (Strand)
Ekkehard Ehlers – Plays John Cassavetes 2 (Staubgold)

FACT mix 101 by The Village Orchestra – dubstep and bass music

SABOTAWJ Mixtape “I am a Hip Hop Holic”

DownLoad the new SABOTAWJ Mixtape “I am a Hip Hop Holic” FOR FREE! This mixtape was put together exclusively for German Hip Hop Site Please take the time to download and enjoy! Don’t Forget the New Sabotawj Album “Wanted For Sabotawj” is in the works produced by DJ BLESS and will be hittin the streets soon! In the meantime enjoy this mix of all original songs and visit for all the new music that is available right now!

I am a Hip Hop Holic


Continuum, the newest installment in the IDMf library, is an electronic music album to behold.

Beginning with the hard-hitters and slowing down to a softer touch, this compilation showcases the diversity of genres displayed on the IDMf netlabel, including breakcore, dubstep, house, breaks, ambient, and IDM.

The tracks are arranged as they would be in a double CD package: Side A includes eight tracks jam-packed with energy that smoothly segue into a lighter mix of glorious beats on Side B.

IDMf is proud to introduce a few new artists along with some of “golden oldies” who have appeared on previous compilations, bringing you the most well-rounded and genre-stomping release from IDMf yet!

01: Synaecide – Scientifica II
02: Anodyne – Passion Drummer
03: Ph0ne – The Fobidden Name (Hopeku Remix)
04: Chinese Goblin Factory – Die, Moe Koo
05: Cracked World Foundation – Itch
06: Edenflux – Space Gypsy ov Doom
07: Binary Pulse – Guarana
08: Son of Akira – signal dos

09: Atoms of an Addict – Cozy
10: tuneboxii – What You Make of It
11: Morpion – Back to Bay 6
12: Mattt – Excerpts from the Rodent Songbook
13: IG88 – Technicolor Yawn
14: Silent Strangers – A Mirror Factory
15: Thousand Watt Smile – Totally Awesome Waterslide
16: Uchujin – Ka7

For download visit <Generation Bass


Live guests Rakim – RA The Rugged Man – Scorzayzee – Harry Shearer (The Simpsons and Spinal Tap) – Mykil Miers and more!

Show Features

On this blockbuster feature film of a show we have:

Rakim joins us for one of his most deep and lengthy interviews of his entire career. This may just be the most intrusive and probing interview that you will ever hear with the man who changed what it meant to be an emcee and helped create the art of rhyming from scratch. As well as talking about the importance of the new Rakim album, world premiered here on the show a few weeks ago, he also takes time to talk Aftermath, The Detox, Eric B, Jay-Z as well as offering an open plea to Nas to contact him in order to discuss the recent ‘Rakim dedication’ record that Nas penned. This is almost 60 minutes with the true pioneer of rhyme. Only a “rap” music fan would miss this.

RA The Rugged Man joins us for an equally epic and emotional frontline tour of his career, music and life. Disturbing him from the shower when we call and dressed in nothing more than a towel and his pride, RA takes us on a journey which involves many stops including his family, his legal issues, mainstream US DJs, his movies and a whole lot more in this 40 minute Conspiracy special.

Harry Shearer, the pioneering voice of many of The Simpsons characters brings with him onto the show such people as Ned Flanders, Otto, Principal Skinner and even orchestrates Reverend Lovejoy’s and Flanders’ reaction to Marge Simpson appearing on the cover of Playboy Magazine. Known for his sharp ear and intrinsic eye for subtle wit, Harry Shearer is much more than “that guy who does voices”. We explore his life on this interview, covering topics such as Spinal Tap and its influence upon Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant, Friends, Saturday Night Live and so much more my fingers would ring social services if I typed it all. Simply listen in.

Scorzayzee takes a rare time out to deliver his first ever radio interview with us, as we discuss his new album, Islam, life as a movie star with “La Donk & Scor-zay-zee” and life with Shane Meadows. The main focus here is the microphone and we explore Scorzayzee’s creative process, his beat selection and even hear two exclusive live acapellas from his rhyme book. CRS Entertainment is one of the most talented and dedicated units in the Uk and this interview just cements that. Expect to hear more from Scorz and Conspiracy in 2010.

Mykil Miers is in an electric mood as he slides in to tell us about his new album, life working on VH1 and Bravo, his movie career and much more in a must-listen interview. This guy breathes positivity and it is our pleasure to encourage you to buy his new opus, released December 1st 2009.


Dubstep Mix from Psy:am

Here’s a fresh mix from Psy:am, with his buddy Will, playing a mixed bag of sick dubstep.

Midnight Request Line – Skream [Tempa]
Amnesia – Truth [Deep Medi]
LFO – Kito [Disfgured Dubz]
When I Look At You – Emalkay [Dub Police]
Rumble Inna Station (Skreamix) – Uzul [Dub Technic]
City Hopper – Joker [Techtonic]
3kout – Jakes [Hench]
3k Lane – Jakes & Joker [Hench]
In Tha Place To Be – Jakes [DStyle Recordings]
Thing’s Go Wrong – Unitz [Dub]
Drumstick – Giant [Hench]
Seeeriousss- Noah D [Subway]
Nothing’s Wrong – Subscape [Dub Police]
My Pet Monster – Caspa [Digital Soundboy]
Rat-A-Tat-Tat – Caspa feat Dynamite MC [Dub]
Down The Rabbit Hole – Psy:am [Rock The Dub]
Swine Flu – 16 Bit [Dub]
Lightning – Skream [Tempa]
Street Knowledge – Matty G [Dub Police]
Night Vision (Skreamix) – Distance [Planet Mu]
Kalawanji – Kromestar [Deep Medi]
This Way – Nero [Audio Freaks]
Spongebob – Coki [DMZ]
Dot Dot Dash – Relocate [Iberian]


Lefty & DJ Concept – Gangland Vol. 4

The Bay Area’s own Lefty a.k.a. the L.E.F.T. (Bash Bros.) returns with the New York native DJ Concept to deliver the 4th addition to the “Gangland” street album series. After setting a buzz with Gangland Vol. 3 the two brethren went back to work to bring the American Nightmare to light. Deep, dark & edgy what more can I say…It’s free.

Track listing:
1.There Is No Danger Intro
2. 2minus1=12, 5, 6, 20
3. Zoner
4. Self Discovery Interlude
5. Lefty Speaks
6. Big Noise Remix
7. Bada Bing feat. (Scarub of Living Legends)
8. Rakka Iriscience (Dilated Peoples) visits Gangland
9. Yessir
10. Misery
11. Sean Price & Kimbo Price arrive
12. Homicidal Recital
13. Head Medicine feat. (Verbal Kent, Very, Tab One of Kooley High)
14. Under Nuclear Attack Interlude
15. Dance with the Devil
16. Piseas (Bash Bros.) steps in / Get Acquainted With The A-Bomb Interlude
17. Permanent Midnight Remix
18. Awful Gas Outro

Gangland Vol. 4