Live guests Rakim – RA The Rugged Man – Scorzayzee – Harry Shearer (The Simpsons and Spinal Tap) – Mykil Miers and more!

Show Features

On this blockbuster feature film of a show we have:

Rakim joins us for one of his most deep and lengthy interviews of his entire career. This may just be the most intrusive and probing interview that you will ever hear with the man who changed what it meant to be an emcee and helped create the art of rhyming from scratch. As well as talking about the importance of the new Rakim album, world premiered here on the show a few weeks ago, he also takes time to talk Aftermath, The Detox, Eric B, Jay-Z as well as offering an open plea to Nas to contact him in order to discuss the recent ‘Rakim dedication’ record that Nas penned. This is almost 60 minutes with the true pioneer of rhyme. Only a “rap” music fan would miss this.

RA The Rugged Man joins us for an equally epic and emotional frontline tour of his career, music and life. Disturbing him from the shower when we call and dressed in nothing more than a towel and his pride, RA takes us on a journey which involves many stops including his family, his legal issues, mainstream US DJs, his movies and a whole lot more in this 40 minute Conspiracy special.

Harry Shearer, the pioneering voice of many of The Simpsons characters brings with him onto the show such people as Ned Flanders, Otto, Principal Skinner and even orchestrates Reverend Lovejoy’s and Flanders’ reaction to Marge Simpson appearing on the cover of Playboy Magazine. Known for his sharp ear and intrinsic eye for subtle wit, Harry Shearer is much more than “that guy who does voices”. We explore his life on this interview, covering topics such as Spinal Tap and its influence upon Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant, Friends, Saturday Night Live and so much more my fingers would ring social services if I typed it all. Simply listen in.

Scorzayzee takes a rare time out to deliver his first ever radio interview with us, as we discuss his new album, Islam, life as a movie star with “La Donk & Scor-zay-zee” and life with Shane Meadows. The main focus here is the microphone and we explore Scorzayzee’s creative process, his beat selection and even hear two exclusive live acapellas from his rhyme book. CRS Entertainment is one of the most talented and dedicated units in the Uk and this interview just cements that. Expect to hear more from Scorz and Conspiracy in 2010.

Mykil Miers is in an electric mood as he slides in to tell us about his new album, life working on VH1 and Bravo, his movie career and much more in a must-listen interview. This guy breathes positivity and it is our pleasure to encourage you to buy his new opus, released December 1st 2009.


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