Continuum, the newest installment in the IDMf library, is an electronic music album to behold.

Beginning with the hard-hitters and slowing down to a softer touch, this compilation showcases the diversity of genres displayed on the IDMf netlabel, including breakcore, dubstep, house, breaks, ambient, and IDM.

The tracks are arranged as they would be in a double CD package: Side A includes eight tracks jam-packed with energy that smoothly segue into a lighter mix of glorious beats on Side B.

IDMf is proud to introduce a few new artists along with some of “golden oldies” who have appeared on previous compilations, bringing you the most well-rounded and genre-stomping release from IDMf yet!

01: Synaecide – Scientifica II
02: Anodyne – Passion Drummer
03: Ph0ne – The Fobidden Name (Hopeku Remix)
04: Chinese Goblin Factory – Die, Moe Koo
05: Cracked World Foundation – Itch
06: Edenflux – Space Gypsy ov Doom
07: Binary Pulse – Guarana
08: Son of Akira – signal dos

09: Atoms of an Addict – Cozy
10: tuneboxii – What You Make of It
11: Morpion – Back to Bay 6
12: Mattt – Excerpts from the Rodent Songbook
13: IG88 – Technicolor Yawn
14: Silent Strangers – A Mirror Factory
15: Thousand Watt Smile – Totally Awesome Waterslide
16: Uchujin – Ka7

For download visit <Generation Bass

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