Outkast frontman Big Boi joins us to talk about his new album, staying as creatively diverse as possible, honesty as an artist, “Outkast are splitting up” rumors and lots more in a truly fruitful Conspiracy Radio interview. All Outkast fans do not miss these precious minutes with your star!

Eminem & Aftermath’s Denaun Porter steps in to talk in depth about Eminem’s new album Relapse 2, life with a sober Eminem – Eminem’s renewed writing energy – Eminem’s Tim Westwood interview – it was basically about Eminem with a bit on Dr Dre – écoute.

Jay Rock is making major waves across mainstream rap music and he takes time with us fresh out of a heavy studio session to talk about The Game, the hardships of modern living and his passion for the United Kingdom. He even drops several live freestyles suing key words that listeners throw at him – look out for the fish n chips freestyle – priceless.

Edan, the Self proclaimed “Quincy Jones of bad sound quality” was with us delivering what could only be described as an art collage of an interview. Listen as we discuss his latest project ’Echo Party’, his obsessiveness, Vinyl sleeve personalisation, production, past, his favourite Hip Hop albums and energy drink!. He even blesses us with a rhyme and offers a signed coconut to our listeners who can break down the science behind the rhyme. Clue: it is a metaphor, but what was it?

William Cooper, fresh from touring with Killah Priest, steps up to deliver a typically passionate and heartfelt exploration of his new album Beware Of The Pale Horse, the new Black Market Militia album, life with the Wu Tang Clan affiliation and so much more. Pour your hearts out for the emcees that matter.

Conspiracy Of Mind are on the show to introduce themselves to a new audience – with an escalating following and a voice that has helped the strong movement of Hip Hop, Emcee Just-1 and International Beat Master Nevahmind talk all about their debut album entitled “The Grand Deception”. This album is released in January 2010 and features guest appearances from Chino XL, Canibus, Diabolic, Phillip Morris, Adil Omar, Guerilla War Tactix, Dums from ACL, Prince EA, Born Visionz to name but a few. We want your support on this one – read more here –


We debut a brand new and astonishing Chino XL featured track ‘Sabotage’. Set to feature on Conspiracy Of Mind’s debut album, this is just the tip of the iceberg and a strong signal of things to come.