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01 – Intro
02 – Flipside (Produced by Menace)
03 – What Do You Know Feat Smart Alex (Produced by Wazza Dizzle)
04 – Get Down Feat Oneway and Charlie P (Produced by Hossy)
05 – When Will You See Feat Keita (Produced by Wazza Dizzle)
06 – Broken Britain Feat Oneway and Jack The Lad (Produced by Wazza Dizzle)
07 – Black Clouds (Produced by Menace)
08 – Sarga (Produced by Menace)
09 – Freestyle Feat Kamma and Smart Alex (Produced by Karma)
10 – Dreams Feat Rosie (Produced by Dirty Deedz)
11 – On Your Doorstep Feat Oneway (Produced by Sly Rakkoon)
12 – Ruk It Out (Produced by Dirty Deedz)
13 – Game Ova Feat Oneway and Smart Alex (Produced by Wazza Dizzle)
14 – Only One Feat Oneway, Charlie P and Rosie (Produced by Menace, Dirty Deedz & Hossey)
15 – Deedz Freestyle (Produced by Dirt Deedz)
16 – 1000 Years (Produced by Slotz)
17 – Dats How It Is (Produced by Menace)
18 – Harder Times Feat Oneway (Produced by Wazza Dizzle)


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REDS from CHRONIC REDEYE interview

Tell us a little bit about yourself and what you have released?
My name is Redeye a.k.a Reds I’m a founder member of Chronic Redeye Music and one half of ‘Soldjasoulz’ with DPF. Primarily I’m an emcee but I am also known to DJ and handle production duties. As part of Chronic Redeye I released ‘The All Or Nothing Days’ album and then the ‘Knowledge Is King’ album, and we are currently promoting our new mixtape Ruffneck Intellect Vol.1

A lot of independent artist’s now run their own labels. Do you think this is the way forward? Or do you hope one day to get signed to a major or another label?
I think in the game nowadays a lot of artists are running their own labels out of necessity because no one is knocking at their door to sign them, but if it’s done right it can be the way forward as it allows total control and creative freedom. If the deal was right and I had confidence in the people then I would still like to be signed to a bigger label, just because it would be a luxury to have more time concentrating on the music knowing you had a good team of staff pushing the project with a budget to back it up.  It would take a lot of trust ‘cos labels are shady though!

Formats of music are changing all the time, but we asked you ‘CD or MP3’ which would you say is better and why?
I’d say MP3 because it’s easy to transfer files, but I’d still choose vinyl over anything

Apart from the genre of music that you make what else do you listen to?
Mainly dancehall and roots reggae, but I also like jungle and grime/ dubstep and I got a soft spot for some 90s r&b, but only the stuff with rugged hip hop drums lol had to get that in there!

Is there any music that you hate and just can’t listen too?
I can usually find something I like in most genres but you won’t catch me bumping any redneck country and western business

If there was a position of power that was ‘world leader’ and you was chose as the person to fill that position, what laws or things would you change and why?
First I’d decriminalise ganja ‘cos it can keep people chilled out and it’s less harmful than alcohol anyway. Then I’d f**k off the criminal justice bill so people can gather out in the open with big sound systems and not be breaking any laws. Then I’d have to hand over the position of power though, ‘cos I’d be too busy up in a dance smoking highgrade lol

People are saying that live shows are the way forward for acts to earn money, but then we hear its hard to get bookings? What’s your take on this?
Shows are a way of earning some paper, and where we are in the East there are a lot of events so if you’re good enough you can get bookings but I find that there are certain big names that command big prices and everyone else is just scrabbling for what they can get

Who is or was the best musician in the world and why?
I’d have to say The Wailers, so many timeless masterpieces and they broke down the barriers paving the way for a lot of what I listen to today

So what does the future hold for you?
Blessing plenty of mics at live shows, more volumes of the Ruffneck Intellect mix series, new Soldjasoulz material and collaboration work with other artists. I was looking into launching  my own  Reds Bulls energy drink company but I had problems with the legality of some of the ingredients

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01. Bun B – No Mixtape Intro (0:23)
02. Bun B – On To The Next Year (3:24)
03. Bun B – Stupid Trill (2:30)
04. Bun B – Trill OG (2:34)
05. Bun B – 2 Damn Trill (2:47)
06. Bun B – Gladiator snip (1:52)
07. Bun B – No Mixtape (2:21)
08. Bun B – Transform Ya (2:52)
09. Bun B – One King (2:17)
10. Bun B – Don’t Say Shit (2:12)
11. Bun B – Countin’ Money (1:22)
12. Bun B – I Went In (2:03)
13. Bun B – Adrenaline Rush (2:11)
14. Bun B – (2) Dope Boyz (1:54)
15. Bun B – Coocoo (2:22)
16. Bun B – Greatest of All Times (1:33)
17. Bun B – Mr. Hit That Lick (3:51)
18. Bun B – Press Play (1:54)
19. Bun B – Big Dick Chaney (2:11)
20. Bun B – I Am (2:13)
21. Bun B – I Got Cake (1:26)
22. Bun B – Play Clothes (2:18)
23. Bun B – Bag Music (2:48)
24. Bun B – I Made It (2:18)
25. Bun B – The Champion (2:06)
26. Bun B – Put It Down (1:22)
27. Bun B – No Mixtape Outro (0:36)
28. Bun B – Pants On The Ground (3:44)



MR DRASTICK ‘SO MANY DEVILS’ Mixtape (M.D.M Recordings)

Download it now from

By now everyone’s familiar with what would appear to be, the age old story of the unsigned rapper taking the independent route, hustling mixtapes on the streets and out of the boot of his/her car. But for MR DRASTICK, this myth really was a reality. Taking inspiration from those before him along with a Ghanaian seriousness and work ethic, combined with an actual lyrical talent that separated him from the majority of MC’s turned entrepreneurs. MR DRASTICK sold over 15,000 of his first ‘GLADITORIAL PASSION VOL 1’ mix-tape (2005), chances are you probably were approached by the man himself already.

This hugely popular underground release which also featured the talents of DOC BROWN and the POISONOUS POETS, soon began picking up recognition from mainstream media outlets, becoming ‘MIX-TAPE OF THE WEEK’ on DEV’s mix-tape review show on BBC 1XTRA, and single of the week for the song ‘THEY SWEAR’ (Video on YouTube) on G Money’s show (also on BBC 1XTRA) who called DRASTICK… ‘One of the most exciting artistes I’ve heard in the last 5 years….’

He was also bestowed with the ‘U.K MIX-TAPE KING’ title on SPIT TV Sky channel 360. That was early 2006, three weeks before the video for the single had even been shown on Channel U!!! (now known as Channel AKA). With no intentions of resting, MR DRASTICK released his début album THE GLADIATORS ANTHEM in 2008 which blessed him with the opportunity to tour the UK, and perform at a few events in Australia. The album received many great reviews such as 5 stars from NME magazine, 4 stars from HHC magazine, and 4 stars from DJ magazine.

Even after a string of close family members passing one after the other in a freakish period of MR DRASTICK’S life, the 25 year old still maintains a brave, positive and ambitious attitude. Instead of MR DRASTICK losing hope and his passion to continue striving for more success, MR DRASTICK took his pain and humour in to the studio and completed his 2010 mix tape SO MANY DEVILS. The eagerly anticipated SO MANY DEVILS was released on 11th JAN from his web site and has already been downloaded by over 1,100 people. Only four days after the release date. Proving that, this man is the rapper to watch for 2010.

Download SO MANY DEVILS now from


‘Ruffneck Intellect Volume One’
(Chronic Redeye Music)

Chronic Redeye first made an impact with their 2006 debut album ‘The All Or Nothing Days’ which was a well received. Then in October 2008 they unleashed their brilliant follow-up ‘Knowledge Is King’ which featured the likes of American underground stars Main Flow and Bronze Nazareth as well as UK talents such as Manage, Conman, Franko Fraize, Lyrical T and Chrome. Now the Chronic Redeye Music familia are entering 2010 with a mixed CD that is set to drag listeners into a realm where no amount of ice or big rims can save the weak from getting crushed under the weight of some real skills. The criteria for the ‘Ruffneck Intellect’ mix series is simple… it’s got to bump hard for the sound systems and it’s got to have depth and lyrical content that goes beyond the standard ignorance that gets peddled by many major labels today. This is real music, this is Hip-Hop and this is something fresh!

For the first entry into this series everyone involved has gone in hard! Covering the spectrum from big glossy productions to smoked out basement freestyles, the CD is set off by Wu Tang affiliates Dezert Eez with an exclusive banger that has to be heard to be believed. The energy levels are continued throughout the CD, with many notable surprises such as the banging collaboration between Wu Killa Bee’s Hell Razah and Timbo King and the Chronic Redeye family of Reds, Franko Fraize and Lyrical T. More exclusives keep coming, including the a killer track from Wolftown’s LATE as well as the head nodder ‘Dog or Snake’ by controversial Mohawk Gang artist Yaeo who also appears on the massive remix of the Chronic Redeye track ‘Rudeboy’ alongside Midlands rapper Conman, Streetz from Bristol and Wolftown Recordings latest signing Manny Moscow from London.
Throughout the works of Chronic Redeye Music the reggae influence has been clear and this release is no exception, with roots and dancehall flavoured tracks littered throughout the mix. One of the sickest and criminally underrated reggae vocalist in the UK right now is Deadly Hunta, who has built links with Chronic Redeye artists after performing on the same line up at shows and pops up on this CD a with a couple of killer contributions. This release also showcases the first recordings from a new alliance formed in Norwich between DPF and Reds who now go under the name ‘Soldjasoulz.’ The perfect combination of DPF’s incredible flow and delivery along with Redeye’s gritty style can be heard on ‘The Burial’ which has them killing a dancehall riddim, a firm nod in the direction these two are moving in. This really is a case of ‘More Fyah’!!!

Full CD Tracklisting…
01 – CONMAN – Intro
02 – DEZERT EEZ – The Hammer
05 – DJ I.C FEAT LYRICAL T & FRANKO FRAIZE – Blood Of the Earth
06 – MOOD – Drugs War & Crime
07 – SOLDJASULZ (DPF & REDS) – All I ever wanted
08 – CONMAN – Streets Unsafe
09 – LATE – Villain Man
10 – ROOK DA RUKUS – Illuminatirulmy
11 – YAEO – Dog Or Snake
12 – MANCINI & THE CREEPERS – Big Bad World
13 – CHROME – Music To Shop To
14 – REDS – Cold World Bars
15 – DPF – Rumours Remix
16 – TOP CAT – Request The Style Dubplate17 – DEADLY HUNTA – Yes I Will Dubplate
18 – SOLDJASULZ (DPF & REDS) – The Burial
19 – DILLIJENCE FEAT REDS – For Ya Domepiece
21 – RANT – Klub Banger

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THOROTRACKS are some seriously HOT Producers!

Thorotracks Feat Shabaam Sahdeeq & Mic Geronimo

‘Deadly Combination’ (Taken from the Thorotracks album ‘The Saga Continues’)



Turning tracks and rerolling joints in Queens since their teens, Sam and Jay of Thorotracks Production House, emerge to serve beat fiends and hip-hop heads alike. Sam and Jay, hailing from the Lefrak section of Corona and Woodside respectively, pack over a decade of DJ and production experience; their skills have matured into musical mastery and melodic magic. Their savvy surgery has inspired calls for their creations all over the U.S. and has gained them substantial street credit.

Since forming in May of 2002 they’ve combined to collaborate with a number of artists including Royal Flush, Smif & Wessun, Mic Geronimo, G Dep, Screwball, Shabaam Sahdeeq, Killah Priest, Black Poet of Screwball, Sean Price, Nygz, Blitz, The Cella Dwellaz, Casual of Hieroglyphics, Killa Sha, ACD, Planet Asia, Hell Razah, Skyzoo, Canibus, Chaundon, Timbo King, A-Alikes, Krumbsnatcha, Genovese, Ali Vegas, Crhyme Fam, FT, Troy Slugs, El Da Sensei, Poison Pen, First Cousins, Meyhem, Final Chapter and many more.

Thorotracks are also responsible for executive producing and co-producing the long-awaited Royal Flush follow-up All Cards on the Table due out in 2010. Thorotracks are Part Of a New Group by the name The Closers along side Shabaam Sahdeeq & Redeye and as producers in their own right. If you like that golden era ‘real Hip-Hop’ then this is for you.

‘Deadly Combination’ is taken from the seventeen track album ‘The Saga Continues’ which is available now on iTunes at this direct link:
Check out this very impressive track list which features the cream of the New York Rap scene featuring on some of the best production in the game
01 – Ready To Rumble Feat. Royal Flush

02 – Gangstas In NY Feat. NYG’Z

03 – H.A.P.H Freestyle Feat. H.A.P.H

04 – Deadly Combination Feat. Shabaam Sahdeeq & Mic Geronimo

05 – Wavin The Pen Feat. Killah Priest & Killa Sha

06 – Warzone Feat. Blaq Poet & Krumbsnatcha

07 – Connect 4 Pt. 2 Feat. Shabaam Sahdeeq, Skyzoo, Sha Stimuli & Chaundon

08 – Sex Drugs Money Feat. Crhyme Fam

09 – 38 Revolver Flow Feat. Shabaam Sahdeeq & Cella Dwellas

10 – Swiss Alps Feat. Meyhem Lauren & Action Bronson

11 – Set Up Sho Feat. ACD & Blitz

12 – Gangsta On The Track Feat. Smiley The Ghetto Child

13 – Canibus Freestyle Feat. Canibus

14 – Brooklyn Feat. FT Aka Fuc That

15 – Let Me Shine Feat. First Cousins

16 – While You Were Sleeping Feat. Shabaam Sahdeeq, Sha Stimuli & H.A.P.H

17 – So Called Gangstas Feat. Blaq Poet

SO O.D. ‘Hip Hop Addiction’ (Produced by INERTIA)

SO O.D. ‘Hip Hop Addiction’ (Produced by INERTIA)

Clean Version 320MP3

Street Version 320MP3
Straight outta New York City comes a new Hip-Hop duo that are set to do massive things! This track is the first track to be leaked from their forthcoming album mixtape with DJ Kool Kid entitled ‘The Overdose Volume One’. Artists Nuf Sed and D.I.V. are a combination of raw lyricism at its best, with dope concepts, metaphors and connections. They have been working with one another for over four years and have developed an unbelievable work ethic. Their word play is witty, energetic, and clever, which magnifies the impact of their music. The strength of their faction is derived from self sufficiency, being that both parts were solo acts before they unified as SO O.D. This is straight up quality Hip-Hop.

**SO O.D. this is substance in music / they don’t just listen to the bars, they use it**


Braydz caught up with fam, Tricksta of Wolftown Recordings, Parkstreet PR, UK Runnings, Digi Revolution, Sturban Clothing etc… and just before he recorded some tracks for his new project “THA SLUGGA” Braydz decided to get a clip to let you know how he does the do…

KRYSTATIC ‘THE TASTE’ (Produced by Dezert Rhino)

KRYSTATIC ‘THE TASTE’ (Produced by Dezert Rhino)


KRYSTATIC is a nineteen year old rapper from the West Midlands who has been making a lot of noise in his own region. Now he is looking to take his sound worldwide with the release of his debut album ‘Stepping Out The Box’, an impressive fifteen track long player that’s due for release SOON! This here is the first track to be leaked from the project and it’s already getting feedback. This classic styled Hip-Hop banger entitled ‘The Taste’ is produced by Dezert Rhino. Krystatic is positive and has an uplifting approach to music that is earning him a lot of local radio play and live shows.

‘Stepping Out The Box’ the album coming soon…