SO O.D. ‘Hip Hop Addiction’ (Produced by INERTIA)

SO O.D. ‘Hip Hop Addiction’ (Produced by INERTIA)

Clean Version 320MP3

Street Version 320MP3
Straight outta New York City comes a new Hip-Hop duo that are set to do massive things! This track is the first track to be leaked from their forthcoming album mixtape with DJ Kool Kid entitled ‘The Overdose Volume One’. Artists Nuf Sed and D.I.V. are a combination of raw lyricism at its best, with dope concepts, metaphors and connections. They have been working with one another for over four years and have developed an unbelievable work ethic. Their word play is witty, energetic, and clever, which magnifies the impact of their music. The strength of their faction is derived from self sufficiency, being that both parts were solo acts before they unified as SO O.D. This is straight up quality Hip-Hop.

**SO O.D. this is substance in music / they don’t just listen to the bars, they use it**

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