Jaja Soze ‘Illegal Download’

Jaja Soze Prepares The Release of Groundbreaking Album “Illegal Download”


One name constantly mentioned when speaking about the U.K Hip-Hop elite is Jaja Soze. The founder of PDC Entertainment has an incredible army of followers, and his upcoming album “Illegal Download” is anticipated as one of the hardest albums to be released this year.

Jaja Soze has teamed up with one of the U.K’s biggest artists Lowkey, along with his other PDC artists Tempman, Marcus Jordon and Buttafly. The new album features cross-Atlantic collaborations including D Block’s AP, and Mistah FAB, and some other familiar artists. The twelve-track album is shaping up to be a classic.

Jaja has also been working hard indirectly outside of Hip Hop, touring schools and giving speeches to children about the negativity of the gang culture. Alongside this, WHSmith confirmed that his book “Street Boy” is one of the best sellers since its release. Lastly, Jaja was recently involved with a nationwide talent search called F.A.M.E, and acted as a judge for hopefuls attempting to win a recording contract.

Illegal Download will be available from July 25th on www.pdcent.com, and in August from all online/retail outlets.