LATE – From The Vaults

LATE,From The Vaults,Uk Hip Hop

UK Rapper LATE first exploded onto the UK Rap scene in 1999 as the main rapper in the crew Villains & Wolftown Committee. He then released a string of solo CD’s including his nine track debut EP ‘International Rhyme Spittin’, his debut mixtape ‘The Villainous One’ in 2005, ‘Englishman In New York’ a mixtape with American DJ Cashis Kay in 2006, ‘Extended Family – The CEO’s Edition’ with New York rapper Geolani, ‘Two Thousand And LATE’ mixtape in 2008 and debut his album ‘Below Street Level’ which featured the likes of Willie D (Geto Boys), JT The Bigga Figga and K-Rino in 2009. More recently in May he dropped his brand new album ‘UK Rapscallion’ which featured a string of well-respected UK artist such as Genesis Elijah, Supar Novar, Tuberculosis, Iron Braydz, Serocee, K9, Jai Boo and Wolftown Recording’s latest signing Manny Moscow, amongst others. ‘From The Vaults’ is a collection of all of LATE’s best underground outings. As an artist he has featured on over 250 mixtapes and releases in his ten year career, and what Wolftown Recordings have done here is pick the cream of the crop and re-mastered those classic moments for a brand new digital release. This release really does pay homage to one of the UK’s most consistent rappers.

01 – LATE – Grimey (Produced by Tricksta) 3.27
02 – LATE – I Spit The Truth (Produced by LATE) 4.48
03 – LATE Feat K-RINO – I’m A Saint, I’m A Sinner’ (Juttla Remix) 4.39
04 – LATE – You’ll Never Be Me (Produced by Tricksta) 3.40
05 – LATE FEAT D.A – Big Mans (Produced by Jay-Are & Tricksta) 3.48
06 – LATE FEAT LIL TEC & LIL DVS – Up & Down (Produced by Tricksta) 4.33
07 – LATE – UK Hustlers (Produced by Tricksta) 3.52
08 – LATE – Doing It Big, Big (Produced by Tricksta) 4.03
09 – LATE – Which Manor R U From (Produced by LATE & Juttla) 4.12
10 – LATE FEAT BRICK SAAVY, JAI BOO & GARCIA – My Manor, Your Hood (Produced by Tricksta) 3.47
11 – LATE FEAT SOUTHERN BOI, DRASTIK, BAIL, DAT BOY POLLO – Wreckless (Produced by Tricksta) 4.21
12 – LATE – Musical Mindstate (Produced by Juttla) 3.37
13 – LATE FEAT JAI BOO – Worldwide Grind (Produced by Tricksta) 3.28
14 – LATE FEAT MIAMI MAC & JAI BOO – Who You Fucking With (Produced by Tricksta) 5.53

Available now from iTunes

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