UK Hip Hop versus The Doors

UK Hip Hop versus The Doors

01. I Rep – Jai
02. Supa Lyrical Excursion pt. 2 – Delusionists
03. Everyman – Lost Souls Ft Cuts by Reptar
04. Seven – Conflix, Crucifix, Teej, Wordsmith, Genesis, Marlon Brandy, Squared & Jim Morrison
05. Braindead – Stig of The Dump ft RA The Rugged Man
06. Game of Soldiers – Delusionists
07. Recycled Rhymes – Blokeyman ft Cuts by DJ Lok
08. Banishment – Mystro
09. All I Got – Klashnekoff
10. Rise – Lewis Parker ft Cuts by DJ Lok
11. Microphone Mussolini – Diss1, Dan Dastardly, Agonist & Figment
12. The Aim – Asaviour

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Grit Grammar Album Launch Party at The Social, London.

Grit Grammar’s album Launch party will be on 28th September @ The Social (5 Little Portland Place) FREE ENTRY ALL NIGHT!!!!!!!!!

Full live performances from

Grit Grammar
Verb-t & Fliptrix
Genesis Elijah
Iron Braydz
Baron Samedi & Lixx.

Plus a special guest appearance from Kyza Smirnoff and DJ CWD holding down the decks all evening.

Check out:!/event.php?eid=154728551206519&ref=mf

Don’t forget ‘LIFE MUSIC’ the album is released on 27th September 2010.

Lee Kid – I Am Lee-Gend Chapter 1

The Low Entertainment & Grime Family Mixtape Gang/Music Addict Records Present KEE KID



01) Just-In Introduction
02) Wish They Did (Wish You Would) (Feat/Produced Nicky Nicks)
03) Eat Your Food (Produced By Nicky Nicks)
05) We Got Em’ (Feat. Dizkreet/Produced Nicky Nicks)
06) Mambo Trick (Produced By Kae Da Overseas Kid)
08) We Gon’ Get It Poppin! (Feat. Dane Dro)
09) Ain’t I Fly? (Feat. Nicky Nicks/Produced RINZAI)
10) Pay Em No Mind! (Feat. G-Swiss/Produced Nicky Nicks)
11) You Got To Be Free (Produced By Nicky Nicks)
12) BUGGIN OUT! (Produced By Nicky Nicks)
13) Anytime You Leave (Feat. R. Stevie Moore/Produced Beanzo Productions)

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DJ Ames & Rukus – Never Left But Im Back

DJ Ames & Rukus – Never Left But Im Back

02.Flow Potent (Pro By South Platnum)
03.Still In The Game (Pro By South Platnum)
04.Bring Da
05.Head 2 Toe
06.My Domain (Pro By Bullybeats)
08.U Don’t Know (Taking My Ball Freestyle)
09.Melody (Pro By J1Keys)
11.R U Ready Feat Wayne Marshall
13.OH Feat DeVotion (Pro By Swift Durti)
14.Long Time (Pro By Fever)
15.Me Fam (I’m Ill Freestyle)
16.Dey Don’t Really Feat Shade1 (Pro By J1Keys)
17.From Time Feat Yogi (Pro By True Scribe)
18.Interlude 3
19.Victory (Pro By Blackstar)
20.Will Not Feat Slyvia Barrie (Pro By Kraft)
21.Jus Go Feat Jimi C (Pro By Swift Durti)
22.In Motion (Emotions Freestyle)

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Trap-A-Holics Presents Corporate M.O.B. & Project Pat – Da Corporate Takeova

Trap-A-Holics Presents Corporate M.O.B. & Project Pat – Da Corporate Takeova

01.project pat intro [00:28]
02.take ova ft. tone yates [03:34]
03.cuttroat city ft. donvito [04:51]
04.jackin my swagg [04:01]
05.high life [04:03]
06.paperchase ft. adg [04:23]
07.gutta bitch [03:49]
08.bodybag [04:15]
09.swang bang ft. o3 big face and mike donvito [05:27]
10.home ft. tone yates and yung kee [04:23]
11.cant sleep [03:55]
12.u can get it ft. donvito [05:50]
13.get it up [04:53] getten money ft. yung gifted [04:07]
15.outro [01:02]

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SCRILLA ‘What’s My Name’ (Scrills Records)

London artist Scrilla drops new single & video

SCRILLA ‘What’s My Name’ (Scrills Records)


Scrilla was raised in London, schooled in Bermondsey and further educated in Lewisham and Leicester. In his college days Scrilla started taking rapping seriously and began realising his potential. From a young age he would imitate his favourite rappers however his talent really shone through and he further progressed when he went to university. After forming relationships with fellow rappers during his studies, Scrilla and a group of friends decided to form a rap crew. The group had 5 members-Scrilla, 12-gauge, D-man, Playboi and Cesar. As the group was becoming known, there was an unfortunate incident and they lost group member Playboi who passed away. This had a lasting effect on the crew and the remaining quad decided they would go their separate ways and remain friends. It was at this point Scrilla started his solo career without realising, but because of the demands of university he found it difficult to really pursue a career in music. In 2004, Scrilla graduated from Leicester and with music still embedded in his mind he started recording again. In 2008, he penned his 1st solo track (It’s A Rap) taken from his upcoming album and now he is about to embrace the world of music with both arms as he prepares to drop his album ‘Bangers n Cash’. The wait is almost over and he’s ready to let his music do the talking… it’s time for the takeover!




R & B Sensation Ze-Yon

Here goes the debut Mixtape/EP from up & coming R&B sensation Ze-Yon.  Hailing from Toronto Canada, this young, talented vocalist has been singing since a very young age and is ready to introduce himself to the world with his diverse style and harmonizing skills.  This release is titled I Am Eclectik.

01 Outerspace (Produced by GMF)
02 Can’t Let You Go (Produced by Clayton “Genesis” Conell)
03 Dr. Love (Produced by GMF)
04 I’m Good Ft. Loobz (Clayton “Genesis” Conell)
05 Two Page Letter (Clayton “Genesis” Conell)
06 Hard To Get (Clayton “Genesis” Conell)


Powercut Productions proudly present Wardie Burns & UVbeatz ‘Oor Wardie’ Album

Powercut Productions proudly present Wardie Burns & UVbeatz ‘Oor Wardie’ Album

ARTIST: Wardie Burns & UVbeatz
RELEASED:  20th September 2010
LABEL: Powercut Productions

Wardie Burns & UvBeatz – Mummy’s Boy (Album Version)

Wardie Burns & UvBeatz – Mummy’s Boy (Clean Version)

One if the most anticipated albums in the History of Scottish Hip Hop and sure to gain recognition from across the globe, it’s the debut long player from Wardie Burns and UvBeatz – Oor Wardie. The album will take you through the many facets of Wardie’s lyrical dexterity showcasing a wide variety of styles and subject matter, all complemented by UvBeatz stunning production. From the very clever skits that will have you laughing out loud to the typical raw lyrics and heavy delivery, this one is not to be missed for hip hop fans.  The album is 21 tracks deep and features artists such as Werd, Madhat McGore, Steg G, Blasfima Sinna and Becca Starr. The albums topics range from hardcore tracks like Burgh Murderer to the heartfelt like Mummys Boy, taking the listeners deep into the mind of Oor Wardie aka Wardie Burns.  Sometimes pushing the boundaries of political correctness and what should be said on records, to putting his true inner out there for all to see.

Wardie Burns is a highly talented MC from Edinburgh. He has been recording vocals for the last three or so years, making his name while working with Werd at Sons of Scotland and being a member of Edinburgh alternative rap group ‘Twisted Methods’.  He has already worked with many names in the Scottish / UK scene and further, mainly noticed for his ‘Swine Flu Mixtape’ that he released through SOS as well as featuring on many projects/releases throughout the Scottish scene. With his very unique sound, and his hard hitting flow and witty lyrics, he is now regarded as one of Scotland’s top MC’s. When you hear a track there is no question of who it is!

UVBeatz (Riddlah) is a beat maker / MC also from Edinburgh, Scotland and has been making beats and recording vocals for the better part of the last 10 years. While being part of the group ‘Dark Rumors’ along side MCF artist Madhat McGore, he is also an original member of Evil Residents and co-founder of ‘Twisted Methods’ along side Wardie Burns and Blasfima Sinna. He has collaborated with many names in the Scottish / UK scene and artists from all over the world, self releasing a number of EP’s / Mixtapes. Riddlah has developed his own sound and style of production, with his beats being highly rated and recognized, they are sought after by many music acts. This album is destined to be a future classic, a must for all Hip Hop Heads and a must have for any music lover.


01: Intro
02: 12 ways to kill a man
03: Life That I lead
04: Rock N Rollah ft The riddlah
05. Wild Emcee Skit
06. Burgh Murderer
07. Mummy’s Boy
08. Lyrical Bullets
09: Tornado Warning ft Twisted methods
10: Hung Over
11: The burgh Boy
12: Vagabonds ft Werd
13: Stuck in the scene
14: The Bairns no mine
15: Ghost Train ft Madhat McGore
16: Dads Gone
17: Sickness & Diorrhoea
18: Chosen One ft Becca stare
19: Review Skit
20: Get Down
21: Please Forgive Me (Steg G Remix)

For further information, live booking, etc:
TEL: +44 (0) 7879 773 150

Greg Street & DJ Smallz Present Nappy Roots – Nappy University Vol 2

Greg Street & DJ Smallz Present Nappy Roots – Nappy University Vol 2

01 – Greg Street Dj Smallz-Class Is In Session Intro
02 – Pon-Infield
03 – Pon-Ride Airplanes
04 – Pon Feat Aleon Craft-Know Bout Me
05 – Pon-Fishbowl Remix
06 – Aleon Craft-Go High
07 – 40 Akerz Feat Skinny Deville Scales-A Million Doll
08 – 40 Akerz-When I Rap
09 – 40 Akerz-Nappy Relaxation
10 – 40 Akerz Feat Alabama-Dixieland Delight
11 – 40 Akerz Feat Q Parker Of 112-I M Good
12 – Scales Vito Banga Feat Stick Boyz-Ham
13 – Skinny Deville Feat Louis Keyz-International Playa
14 – Vito Banga-Rocky Top Tennessee
15 – Skinny Deville Vito Banga Feat Mookie Jones-Everyw
16 – B Stille-Get Me
17 – B Stille Ron Clutch-Stayed Away Too Long
18 – B Stille Ron Clutch-Pray
19 – Nappy Roots-A Way
20 – Nappy Roots-That S How It Is
21 – Nappy Roots-Po Folks Josh One Remix
22 – Nappy Roots-Watchin Dem
23 – Sa-Roc-Valley Of The Queen
24 – Dukes Of Da Ville Feat C-Bone 40 Akerz-Lean Back

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DJ Ant-Lo – Mary J. Blige’s Greatest Hits

DJ Ant-Lo – Mary J. Blige’s Greatest Hits

01 – Mary J. Blige – I’m Going Down
02 – Mary J. Blige – Everything
03 – Mary J. Blige – Sweet Thang
04 – Mary J. Blige – My Life
05 – Mary J. Blige – Mary Jane (All Night Long)
06 – Mary J. Blige – Love No Limit
07 – Mary J. Blige – You Remind Me
08 – Mary J. Blige – Reminisce
09 – Mary J. Blige Ft. Lil’ Kim – I Can Love You
10 – Mary J. Blige – Not Goin’ Cry
11 – Mary J. Blige – No More Pain
12 – Mary J. Blige – Be Without You
13 – Mary J. Blige – Real Love
14 – Mary J. Blige – Just Fine
15 – Mary J. Blige – Family Affair
16 – Mary J. Blige – Be Happy
17 – Mary J. Blige – You Bring Me Joy
18 – Mary J. Blige – Enough Cryin’

Grand Larce – All Black Everything (Mixed by Late & Tricksta)

Grand Larce – All Black Everything (Mixed by Late & Tricksta)

01 Intro
02 Hood Nigga
03 Where The Homies At
04 London (Prod. by Tricksta)
05 I’m The Best
06 Give Me The Money
07 King Hustler
08 Freestyle
09 Pussy & Money
10 My Testimony
11 Outro

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