Sharky Major – Major League (Adamantium Music)

Sharky Major – Major League (Adamantium Music)

01. Introduction (Produced By Big B) 1:57
02. Major’s Back (Produced By Rude Kid) 3:00
03. Shark Attack (Produced By Skepta) 3:43
04. Grime Scene Grinder Ft. Stormin (Produced By Magnum Force) 3:17
05. Incredibly Large Ft. Little Nasty (Produced By J Beats) 2:54
06. Beat (Produced By Famous Scampz) 2:40
07. Do Dis Ting Ft. Griminal (Produced By Silencer) 3:30
08. P’s In Da Zone Ft. Kaister (Produced By Kaos) 3:49
09. The Game (They’re Not Big) Ft. Ghetts (Produced By Famous Scampz) 3:44
10. Still Alive (Produced By Tru Skillz) 3:56
11. Provide For U Ft. Charlie Brown (Produced By Bless Beats) 3:23
12. Rave Can’t Dun Ft. Jammer, Ghetts And Teddy Bruckshot (Produced By Famous Scampz) 4:03
13. Crisis Ft. Fumin And Nasty Jack (Produced By Famous Scampz) 3:34
14. Still Me (Produced By J Beats) 4:08
15. Message 1:53
16. Suicide Ft. Tre Francis (Produced By Joe Green) 3:58
17. Shark Attack (Remix) Ft. Devlin, P Money, Dot Rotten And Ghetts (Produced By Skepta) 4:42

 This is a great Grime release !

Lil Twist – The Takeover (Carte Blanche Edition)

Lil Twist – The Takeover (Carte Blanche Edition)

01 – Carte Blanche
02 – Here Forever
03 – Wind It Shut The Club Down
04 – Ball Out
05 – Lambo Music Feat Chu
06 – No Problems
07 – Ymcmb
08 – Every Step Feat Bei Maejor
09 – Drumma On Da Beat
10 – Shouldve Never Feat Bei Maejor

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SON OF KICK – “GUACHA” – single release 15th NOVEMBER 2010

Check the latest AWESOME video here which has had over 8000 hits and was only posted on Saturday which shows the depth of his following!

You can check his live mix at Gilles Peterson’s Worldwide festival this summer:

And mixes for the likes of Tokyo Police Squad, Bassnectar, Federico Aubele and Husky Rescue as well as Justin Timberlake and Jay Z @

This monstrous slab of bass driven, hip hop fuelled beatmastery lined with THE most catchy lyrical chant from New York’s Natalia Clavier (ESL MUSIC WASHINGTON DC).  It’s club banger; it’s commercial radio hit; it’s underground.  Once again Son Of Kick nailed it by crossing boundaries and ticking boxes other producers can’t.
Alongside the original, Son Of Kick looked to the talents of Disiz, Grems and Micro Coz for added power for the “Guacha Rekix” version. Additionally, “Revolution B”, an equally massive tune from his aforementioned EP, was added to the vinyl 12” to complete the package while the digital version of the single (which is included as a free download for vinyl buyers) offers a dub version and also acapella.