SCRIBE-TRIBE ‘G-Strings & Socks’ released 10th December 2010

Brighton based Hip Hop crew Scribe-Tribe look to bring you to the stomping ground of UK Hip Hop with their debut album ‘G-Strings & Socks’ released on Zram Records on Friday 10th December 2010. The four man underground Hip-Hop group kick off their promotion by giving listeners the chance to hear two exclusive tracks from the album for FREE. The massive tracks ‘Nasty Boy’ & ‘It Won’t Be Long’ are now available to listen to now at their official MySpace With some great beats and hard hitting lyrics fans will be sure to check out what this talented group has to offer. Consisting of MC’s Marz, Abi-D, Teejan, & Kendal, Scribe-Tribe release their records through Zram Records, a label that was started and is also owned by the Marz and was created to support Scribe-Tribes own material and a host of UK underground artists.

Scribe-Tribe look to be one of the most versatile outfits to emerge from the South UK, with energetic performances, high octane beats, witty and humorous lyrics, Scribe-Tribe look to be the answer UK Hip Hop has been looking for. Emerging from Brighton, Scribe-Tribe have known each other for over 15 years but have only been getting serious with the Rap scene over the last couple of years. With all the beats and production coming from Marz, Abi-D, & Kendal, their debut album ‘G-Strings & Socks’ is set to be a Hip Hop classic. With old school beats and dirty synths coming from every direction, the Tribe have a great choice of songs for all types of music lover, this is a must have album.

Having performed at many open mic’s at Brighton’s Slip Jam B, which attracts UK Heavyweights such as Wordsmith, Dr Syntax, Tom Hines & Super Novar, Scribe-Tribe have also performed and supported the likes of Fliptrix, Verb-T & Kashmere, as well as blessing the airwaves on Brighton’s Radio Reverb 97.2FM. 2010 shows the release of Scribe-Tribes debut album on ZRAMRECORDS and 2011 is set to be even better, with all MC’s taking the chance to shine on their own as they look to release Solo Albums, marking the return for Scribe-Tribe in 2012. With plenty of shows and festivals being booked and lined up for 2011 onwards, you can understand why fans already want more music from this talented group.

Meet the members of SCRIBE-TRIBE…

Marz: Marz is the oldest of the group and likes to think of himself as RZA, simply due to the fact he produces, MC’s and started his own label Zram Records. Marz started making beats a few years ago and decided to go to college to learn about creative music production. After finishing his Music Diploma at Access To Music in Brighton he got to work with all of the mastering and re-production on the Album. Marz has come a long way over these short years and has shown plenty of signs he has allot more to offer.

Abi-D: Abi-D is the younger brother to Marz who where both born in Saudi Arabia. They showed great love for music at an early age and Abi-D even dabbled with the violin at junior school. Abi-D has also been on the production side of things and provided 3 bangers from ‘G-Strings & Socks’. With his dark flows and compelling beats, Abi-D is marking his ground on the Hip Hop scene.

Kendal: Kendal has probably been making beats and producing the longest as he was the first of the crew to study Music Technology at Northbrook College. Kendal has a very distinct yet eclectic style of production and can really get crowds going with his heavy bass lines. Kendal is the father one and also owns his own retail business so finds it hard to juggle Music and work but when the time comes for time to rip the mic, you can be sure he is always on point.

Teejan: Teej is the youngest MC of the group and he is now living in London to help expand Scribe-Tribes fan base. Having to juggle music and the torrid 9-5 can be hard work, but Teej still has time to get down to sunny Brighton to spit bars at Slip Jam B and hit up some Brighton MC’ for collaborations. Teejan has a very unique voice and his style can really catch the audience’s attention. Having the nickname of ‘Typical T’ he has to known as the practical joker of the crew.

Scribe-Tribe ‘G-Strings & Socks’ (2010)

01. Boit
02. Por Favor
03. Brighton City ft Romey Adams
04. Steam
05. Exodus
06. Coffee
07. Loving You ft Emma Shayan
08. If You Want My Love ft Jack Hooper
09. Naughty
10. It Wont Be Long
11. Nasty Boy

Tracks 1, 4, & 10 produced by Kendal
Tracks 2, 5, & 9 produced by Abi D
Tracks 3, 6, 7, & 11 produced by Marz
Cuts by DJ Krav
Arranged by Marz, Abi D, & Kendal
Mixed & Mastered by Marz
Photos by Ken Street Photography
Graphic Design by Timmy Sanders


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