UK Runnings ‘UK Rap Chronicles – Chapter Two’

UK Runnings ‘UK Rap Chronicles – Chapter Two’

UK Runnings is one of the leading mixtape companies from the UK. They have done mixtapes with various underground artists as well as mixtapes with some of the scene’s names, as well as being responsible for the infamous ‘Grimewatch UK’ mixtape series. Earlier this year they released ‘UK Rap Chronicles Chapter One’ which was well received by press and media. Now UK Runnings is back for the second instalment… and it’s just as big as the first chapter!!! Featuring well known names such as Skinnyman, Genesis Elijah, Supar Novar, LATE, Iron Braydz, M9 from Triple Darkness, Jai Boo and S. Kalibre, alongside quality new artists such as Cyclonious, Deeze, Ruinz Ason, Ragz Sweet Jones, Kal Seresousz and more. UK Runnings have been pushing and promoting UK Rap since its birth back in 2001. ‘UK Rap Chronicles’ is a mixtape series that is a must for UK Rap fans.

Track-listing & Track Times…

01 – S. Kalibre – Sipping Guiness (Produced by Slapupmill) 4.41
02 – Ragz Sweet Jones Feat Supar Novar, Big Ben & Danny Bones – Never Like This (Produced by Supar Novar) 4.16
03 – Cyclonious – Fourth World War (Produced by Cyclonious) 4.03
04 – Jabba Tha Kut Feat M.A.B – Get Live-O (Produced by Jabba Tha Kut) 4.14
05 – Danny Bones Feat Genesis Elijah – Let Me (Give You All U Need) (Produced by Danny Bones) 3.21
06 – Newz – Lessons (Produced by Dirty Deedz) 3.16
07 – Iron Braydz & M9 – Devils Death Day (Mixed by Chemo) 3.06
08 – Deeze – Same Old Day (Produced by Tricksta) 3.09
09 – Big Ben – Home I Need (Produced by Show N Prove) 3.21
10 – I2I Feat Fatman D – Run For Cover (Produced by JDK) 3.46
11 – Reds from Chronic Redeye – Choices (Produced by J Roots) 3.24
12 – Grizzly – Hustle On Da Roadz (Produced by Grizzly) 2.10
13 – Ruinz Ason Feat JFlames –  Calling (Produced by JFlames) 3.31
14 – Dap C Feat Skinnyman, & S. Kalibre – The Boy Who Cried Wolf (Produced by Stealf) 5.18
15 – Joey Menza – Battle Axes (Produced by Ill Sporadic) 4.06
16 – Dead Bully Feat Messiahbolical – Keep My Name Out (Produced by Carmel Productions) 4.24
17 – Franko Frazie – Go On And Cry (Produced by DJ IC) 2.19
18 – LATE Feat Jai Boo – Elevate (Produced by Tricksta) 3.23
19 – Kal Sereousz – Da Da Da (Produced by Kelakovski) 3.03
20 – Streetz – Life Aint Nice (Produced by Ninth Letta) 2.56

Download ‘UK Rap Chronicles – Chapter Two’ Now:

Download ‘UK Rap Chronicles – Chapter One’ Now:

Check out the video for S. Kalibre – Sipping Guiness

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