Sen Sa – Do You Know Me FREE DOWNLOAD

Something little different this week with the podcast as we have exclusive first drop on the new Sen Sa album Do You Know Me? You can listen to each track individually and download the ones you like or go straight for the big download with link at the bottom. Check out the vid of the Sen Sa / Soul Khan rap battle just out.

This is Sensa – Do You Know Me? The first project released from Norwich based emcee Sensa. After spending two years on the rap battle circuit Sensa has taken a step back from that to pursue the one thing really missing from his repetoir, making music. The title ‘Do You Know Me?’ sums up the sound of some of the tracks, it is Sensa making the statement that the Sensa you see in his battles isn’t nessicarily the Sensa that lives with his Fiance and two children. Listen as he explains how he feels about differant subjects, and how the only thing that matters to him really are those he loves.

Haters- Beat by Memorecks
Going For The Stars – Beat by Real Audioo
The Reason – Beat by Dirty Stanz
I Try – Featuring Wordplay, Beat by Jhon P
Not A Rapper – Beat by Memorecks
This Is That – Featuring Arkaic beat by Wizard
So Far – Beat by Blunt

Produced by BreakFluid

Download it now from…

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