Fdot1 – ‘Not Like You’ (Skepta ‘Mike Lowery’ Refix)

Already blowing up the spot for a few weeks on the underground, this freestyle from this Barbados born, New York & Toronto raised talent that now resides in the UK, Fdot1 is not just your normal ‘run-of-the-mill’ rapper, he is so much more and this track displays that.

He has been supported by a string of leading UK DJ’s such as Ras Kwame (BBC1Xtra) and DJ 279 (Choice FM) and has performed live alongside acts such as Ms Dynamite, De La Soul, Immortal Technique and more. Fdot1 has also collaborated and produced with a bunch of talented names like Durrty Goodz, Mike GLC, Blemish Blackstorm, Asher D (So Solid), Sizzla, Beenie Man, Bounty Killer and more.

Here Fdot1 fuses all styles of Hip-Hop, Grime and Reggae. Fdot1 flows like a river on Skepta’s ‘Mike Lowery’ instrumental. There are a few rappers already that have gone in on this beat but none of them are quite like this! When asked about the track this is what Fdot1 said…

“The verses are freestyle & the hook came out of the freestyle, so I figured, daaaaamn dem barz need to be repeated, POW!!””

You can now download this track and others for FREE now at…

Watch out for the FDot1’s ‘Money MusicK’ album dropping 4th May 2011 featuring Dray Delta, Stat-Us, 2-Amplified, Malarchi with production from Vivid Beatz, Strat Carter, Malarchi and Fdot1. A sampler of the ‘Money MusicK’ album can be heard here: http://fdot1.com/moneymusick.html

Connect with Fdot1…

Ruth Interview

Here is an interview by reggae journalist Heike Wollenbeer and reggae artist Ruth… enjoy!

Heike: I’ll let Ruth introduce herself…
Ruth: Well, my name is Ruth-Ann Brown and I’m a Jamaican by birth. I’m a trained high-school English teacher and I started singing and songwriting professionally in 2005. I’ve been signed to Bran-Nu Entertainment since 2007 and since then, I’ve been undergoing artiste development and working on my upcoming debut album.

Heike: Well, we’re going to talk about all of that in just a little bit but first of all tell us a bit more about how you got started in the business as an artiste and as a songwriter also.
Ruth: Well, actually I did it somewhat impulsively by the suggestion of a friend who thought I had a great voice and great writing skills so I did a demo just for personal reasons to hear what I sounded like and then in 2007 when I started working with Ric Zheron and Bran-Nu Entertainment, I realized that I did something very serious and I needed to stick it out because people really started loving my music and you know, getting inspiration from it so I said I have to stay in this business for the people.

Heike: True true. I definitely agree with that one. How would you describe your style of music?
Ruth: Well, I would describe my music as an emotional experience. Whenever something is happening in my life, and I find it too intense to keep inside me, I write about it so my music tends to be quite honest because I write my songs while my experiences are still fresh.

Heike: So your lyrics are based on a lot of your personal experiences…
Ruth: Oh yes, I mean, I think I could write about other things but so far it’s basically my personal experiences that are in my songs.

Heike: Your biggest song to date was ‘Unfamiliar Feelings’ which also had a video. What do you think made that song so successful?
Ruth: Well, I think ‘Unfamiliar Feelings’ has been successful because people can feel it and relate to the experience that I’m singing about and those who can’t relate to it find the production and the instrumentation quite remarkable so I think that’s why it has done so well. Furthermore, it’s quite different from what’s out there now in the world of Reggae.

Heike: Right, right…So how do you think it defers or how is it different from what’s out there in Reggae music right now?
Ruth: Well, I think people…well, based on what people have said, they said it’s very fresh, they said it’s very refreshing and different…ah, the video, I think it would be more of an alternative, futuristic thing – more of a metaphoric message in the music.

Heike: The video for the song ‘Unfamiliar Feelings’ was also very successful. You all can check it out on YouTube. Go and check out the video – Ruth-Ann Brown and you’re based in Washington, DC now right?
Ruth: Yea, I’m in Washington, DC – not Washington state but Washington DC.

Heike: So how does it affect your career as a Reggae artiste that you’re not in Jamaica?
Ruth: Well, when I started in Jamaica, it was quite rough. Being in Washington DC has been more positive for me. I have been blessed with a record label and management that most artistes only dream about. While I’ve been here, I’ve learned valuable lessons that I don’t think I would have learned if I had stayed in Jamaica. I don’t want anybody to get me wrong; I really miss Jamaica but all of that nostalgia only makes me more passionate about my writing.

Heike: Since we’re talking about management, you’ve of course found a great management team that’s supporting you, pushing you to the next level. What would you say to any young artiste out there who hasn’t found that yet – how to go about it?
Ruth: Well, I would just tell them not to rush. I mean, if it’s meant to come to you, it will come to you. I didn’t go out there trying to find a manager or the record label. I wanted them to come to me because I wanted the perfect match so I was just being patient and wait until the strings were pulled in the right way so I wouldn’t tell them to go and rush it.

Heike: So there you go, there you have it. Before we have another break for another song, I wanted to ask you why did you choose Washington DC as your base or your second home?
Ruth: Well, I didn’t really choose Washington DC, you know? I…after I met Ric Zheron and started working with Bran-Nu Entertainment, I chose here because that’s where the label is based and I think that if people are making music..

Heike: Oh ok…
Ruth: Yea, that’s where they’re based so that’s why I just, you know, came here because we could be near to each other. It would be more convenient and more comfortable to work on music.

Heike: So is there a big Reggae scene in Washington DC?
Ruth: I wouldn’t call it a big Reggae scene. I mean, there are a few Reggae artistes here and we have clubs that are dedicated to live Reggae music but I wouldn’t call it like, real big…yea.

Heike: Where do you still want to go in your career? Where do you see yourself going? Is there some sort of ultimate goal?
Ruth: I would say my ultimate goal is to give something meaningful back to this world. I mean, I’ve gotten so much from the world and I just want to contribute positively back to the world and music is just one of the many ways by which I can achieve that so that’s all I can say where my ultimate goal is…

Heike: I also mean what do you want for yourself and for your music?
Ruth: I mean, I want what every artiste wants for their music – for it to go over all boundaries, reach as many people as possible…I mean, positively affect people, inspire people, make people happy. That’s what I want – all over the world. I mean, I’m not craving riches and I know that’s cliché, most people say that but that’s how I feel. I just want to give people a positive experience with my music.

Heike: I like that but one way to get the music out is an album and your label is about to release an album. Is that right?
Ruth: Ah, it’s ready and waiting to be released but yea, in the meantime though, I have a five-song EP available on I-Tunes, Amazon, Rhapsody and E-Music and anyone wanting to get my songs can download them from my website at www.ruthabrown.com.

Heike: Alright, there you go. You can check out www.ruthabrown.com. Check out her music; check out everything about her. Talking about the album now, tell us a bit more about it. Is there…what is the date when it will be released? Do we know that already and what is it really all about?
Ruth: Well, you know, there are quite a few love songs. We haven’t put the album…like selected all the songs to be released on the album because I, I have quite a few songs that we could choose from so I can’t really say the album is about this or that.

Heike: Are there any other newsworthy things that I am not aware of or that the people…other newsworthy things that you want to share with us or that your fans out there…or your future fans.
Ruth: I can tell you a few newsworthy things that I think I should mention. You might not know that I have obtained licensing deals with Air France as well as a Kenyan airline and an Austrian airline. They have been playing my music. The video ‘Unfamiliar Feelings’ was at the number one spot on several TV charts in Jamaica for a few weeks. I’ve been featured in and on the cover of several print media and I’ve done several performances including a historic show at The Mansion at Strathmore in Maryland. I was the first Reggae artiste to be booked at that prestigious venue so I think that’s very newsworthy. My most recent performance was at a basketball game in Virginia where I was given the honor of singing the American National Anthem.

Heike: Ok, wow.
Ruth: Yea, and I think that’s quite newsworthy. There are a few more things but I also…I’m in talks with an international athletic-wear company that is considering to offer me an endorsement deal so that’s just a few of the things.

Heike: Well, all the best for that. Besides the website www.ruthabrown.com, the people where else they can check you out online.
Ruth: Yea, I’m on Twitter. My Twitter username is ruthabrownmusic so link me at Twitter @ruthabrownmusic. On Facebook, it’s www.facebook.com/ruthabrownmusic. Yea, and I think MySpace is a bit outdated so I won’t include that.

LAVA Gallery presents: Haervaerk

Haervaerk is one of Denmark’s hottest young artists. His characters are strange-looking; his compositions are peculiar and humorous. He took part in our very first group show back in November 2009. Now we are proud to present his first solo show in the UK.

The opening party, which is sponsored by Tiger Beer, is on Thursday, 3rd February from 6- 9.30pm. The show will then run for a fortnight.

LAVA Gallery, 1.11 Kingly Court, Carnaby Street, London, W1B 5PW
Opening Party: Thursday, 3rd February from 6- 9.30pm
Exhibition: Friday, 4th February 2011 – Wednesday, 17th February 2011
Open Daily, 11am-7pm. Sunday: 12pm-6pm.


J-Dilla Changed My Life – London / Manchester / Brighton – February 2011

For the fifth year running London’s No.1 party promoters are celebrating the life and work of the incredible James “J-Dilla” Yancey but this year take the show on the road with three seperate events in London, Brighton and for the first time Manchester in association with local promoters Juicy.

As ever we have an incredible all-star line up in each city all spinning sets of exclusive J-Dilla related sets for free to raise as much money as possible for The J-Dilla Foundation and Lupus UK. This year we are joined by
Mr Scruff, Shortee Blitz, Spin Doctor, Mr Thing, Sarah Love, Harry Love, Morgan Spacek to name just a few.

5 years after his untimely death from complications brought on by Lupus disease J-Dilla’s status and appeal continues to grow so we expect what is widely regarded as “THE” Hip-Hop event of the year to be even more popular than the previous 4 years in London and for the second year running in Brighton where it filled both venues to capacity and we expect nothing less of Manchester. Those lucky few in attendance will not only be treated to an incredible night of music but also presented with the chance to get their hands on t-shirts exclusively printed by Dephect clothing for the event with all proceeds from these and the door going to charity.


The Doctor’s Orders & Juicy present

10pm-4am Friday 4th February 2011
@ The Deaf Institute, 135 Grosvenor St, Manchester M1 7HE

Minimum donation £5 in advance or on the door.
Advance tickets from
www.ticketweb.co.uk / 08444771000.
Room 1- Dedicated to the work of J-Dilla
Mr Scruff (Early Dilla Breaks Set) / Mr Thing (BBE / Extended Players)
Spin Doctor (The Doctor’s Orders) & Harry Love (Extended Players)

Room 2- Spinning every fashion of Hip-Hop & Soul
Illum Sphere (Hoya Hoya) / Jonny Dub (Hoya Hoya) / DJ A-UP (C’mon Feet)
Oscar Wildstyle (Juicy) / Wiggie Smalls (Juicy) / Agent J (Groovement)
& MC Noel Edge (Taste The Diff’rence)


The Doctor’s Orders Present

7pm-Midnight Sunday 6th February 2011
@ Scala, 275 Pentonville Road, Kings Cross, London N1 9NL

Minimum donation £5 in advance or on the door.
£30 VIP Tickets grant exclusive access to VIP bar & include an exclusive J-Dilla T-Shirt & CD.

Advance tickets from
www.ticketweb.co.uk / 08444771000.

Room 1- Dedicated to the work of J-Dilla
Shortee Blitz (Kiss FM / Extended Players) / Mr Thing (BBE / Extended Players)
Spin Doctor (The Doctor’s Orders) / Harry Love (Extended Players) / Morgan Spacek / Kidkanevil
DJ LoK (Dilla breaks set) / Bruce Wayne (Unreleased beats set)

Room 2 hosted by Livin’ Proof:
DJ Snips / DJ Rags / Khalil / Budgie


The Doctor’s Orders Brighton present

1030pm-4am Saturday 12th February 2011
@ Jam 9- 12 Middle St, The Lanes, Brighton BN11AL

Minimum donation £5 in advance (150 tickets only) / £7 on the door
/ www.ticketweb.co.uk / 08444771000.
Residents Spin Doctor & Rusty Ryan & special guest
Mr Thing (Extended Players) / Sarah Love (1xtra / MTV)
Ruff Snippets & special guests

UK Runnings Presents H.O.O.D Fellaz – New Years Resolution

01. Intro (Produced by LDN)
02. Nothing More Nothing Less (Produced by LDN)
03. Money, Power, Respect Feat. Raggo Zulu Rebel & Big Cakes (Produced by Ant Will)
04. Bars & Flows (Produced by Jinx)
05. Wa Gwan 4 Diss (Produced by Twozer)
06. She Like It Like Dat (Produced by Jinx)
07. S.N.M (Produced by Jinx)
08. B.L.A.C Out Feat. Tamppa Illuminati X
09. A Game (Produced by Jinx)
10. Make It Out Alive (Produced by Stealf)
11. Rock Like Us (Produced by Lullaby)
12. Grime Watch (Produced by Jinx)
13. Chosen Feat. Sonical (Produced by Lullaby)
14. Goin In (RAAAAH) (Produced by Jinx)

Download Link:

Final Penalty – The Payscale (Wolftown Recordings) out now

Final Penalty are a rap duo from Central Illinois. Brothers Chef B and Mr. Cutlass formed the group Final Penalty and Hazmat Productionz to record a collection of tracks a few years ago, and ever since have been making a buzz not only in the USA but also in Europe. They have a fresh new style to the underground rap scene which is considered to be ahead of their time. Chef B is the producer and known as the brain behind the Hazmat Label, and together the duo combine solid rap skills with dope beats to create a different style of rap which at the time has no genre.

With four underground albums already released in 2010 shows the work ethic and determination of the Final Penalty is hard. After Wolftown Recordings CEO LATE discovered Final Penalty they began to chop it up before LATE hooking up this Tricksta produced EP for Wolftown. ‘The Pay Scale’ is a deep, dark, mysterious and banging EP that reality rap fans will love and adore. LATE features on the first track ‘Stand Up, Man Up’ which is already getting love from the Hip-Hop media both sides of the pond. This is a great release and is some refreshingly original in an era when everyone is trying to be a pop star.

01 – Stand Up, Man Up Feat LATE 4.23
02 – The Pay Scale 3.40
03 – What We All Claim 3.38
04 – Scalp Their Headz 4.32

Buy it now from these direct links:




Connect with Final Penalty

UK Runnings & Spit Venom Records Present – Gosh Entertainment Volume One

01. How We Started (The Intro) Feat Dee & Tempz
02. Milton Keynes Feat Dee, Tempz & 2sik
03. Hustler Feat D Solo (aka KDM) Dee & Tempz
04. Friday Night Feat Dee, Tempz & 2sik (Prod by 2sik)
05. Friday Night Remix Feat Dee, Tempz & X (Prod by 2sik)
06. Re-up Feat Dee & Tempz
07. Hate On Me Feat Dee, Tempz & 2sik
08. Until The End Feat Dee & Tempz (Prod by Beat Creatures)
09. They Know Feat Dee, Tempz & D Solo (aka KDM) (Prod by 2sik)
10. We Grind Hard Feat Dee & Tempz
11. Know My Steelo Feat Dee & Tempz
12. On My Dick Feat D Solo (aka KDM) Dee & Tempz
13. Life I’m Living Feat Dee, Don, Tempz & 2sik (Prod By 2sik)
14. How I Get Down Feat Dee & Cooks (Prod By 2sik)
15. Do Ma Thing Feat Dee & Tempz
16. Hood Soldiers Feat Dee & Tempz
17. Show Me Love Feat Dee & Tempz
18. Letting It Go Feat Dee & Tempz
19. Screamin Money Feat Dee & Tempz
20. Stack The Bucks/Outro Feat Dee & Tempz

Download Link:


UK Runnings Presents Supar Novar – Man On Fire (Hosted by Tricksta)

01 – Intro
02 – It’s Over Dub
03 – Kill Them Wid The Flow Freestyle
04 – I Shot (Prod. by Show N Prove)
05 – J-Armz/Araab Muzik Freestyle
06 – Slow Down Freestyle
07 – Take It Slow UK Remix Feat. Rich Kidd, Mystro & Pyro Barz
08 – Under Pressure Freestyle
09 – What We Talkin Bout?
10 – Boring Me Feat. Big Ben (Prod. by Show N Prove)
11 – These Waters (Prod. by Supar Novar)
12 – My Chick Bad Freestyle
13 – Do You Know Why I’m Here Feat Dead Set Gemini (Prod. by Show N Prove)
14 – BMF Freestyle
15 – The Streets Got A New Face
16 – Loyalty Feat. Charlie Sloth & Tabanacle
17 – Emotional Victory Feat. Wordplay (Prod. by Nutty P)
18 – I’m Ill
19 – Cause Of Silence Feat. MCD (Prod. by MCD)
20 – PFC Feat. Big Ben & Ragz Sweet Jones
21 – No Passing Out (Pass Out Dub)
22 – No Work Monday (Prod. by Hudson Mohawke)
23 – Not Afraid Dub

Download Links:

On The Real 21.01.11 – Ali Shaheed Muhammad (ATCQ) Live

With Special guests
Ali Shaheed Muhammad
(A Tribe Called Quest)

And special Live PA from
Homeboy Sandman

With resident DJs
Spin Doctor (The Doctor’s Orders)
DJ 279 (Choice FM)
live PA from Skillit & Hosted by MC Prankster
& Room 2 feat: DJ Rags / Chris P Cuts / Khalil / DJ Lok / DJ Ivan6

10pm – 4am Friday 21st January 2011
@ Plan B, 418 Brixton Road, London SW9 7AY
(Brixton Tube)

£7.50 first 150 tickets
then £10 in advance
through ticketweb.co.uk / 0844-477-1000

£12 on the night

With few tunes being heard as regularly at The Doctor’s Orders events over the past 5+ years as those recorded by the greatest Hip-Hop group of all time A Tribe Called Quest we are ecstatic to have one of their three members in the shape of Ali Shaheed Muhammad join us for an Exclusive DJ set tonight.

Queens Natives A Tribe Called Quest came to reshape the Hip-Hop scene with the release of their classic five albums that all pushed the soulful Jazz drenched sounds that became a trademark not only of their sound but also of Golden Era Hip-Hop on the whole. With a catalogue of stone wall classics such as ‘Can I Kick It’, ‘Award Tour’, ‘Electric Relaxation’ ‘Scenario’, ‘Bonita Applebum” and the Dilla produced ‘Stressed Out’. Having recently reformed to tour and with a documentary on the band due to be released shortly Tribe are now back on top of the game where they belong.

As well his work with Tribe Ali was a founding member of the production outfit The Ummah, alongside Q-Tip and J-Dilla, which produced not only for Tribe but also Busta Rhymes, D’Angelo and Janet Jackson. He then went on to show and even more soulful side of his work in founding Lucy Pearl alongside Raphael Sadeeq and Dawn Robinson. With this wealth of musical experience behind him this exclusive DJ set it sure to take a guaranteed packed house through a great journey of Hip-Hop, R&B, Soul and beyond.

Homeboy Sandman is an MC that has been causing a considerable stir on the underground with those in the know marking him as a real rising star. Having left an Ivy League education behind to chase his dream of becoming an MC he has released 3 albums and received considerable press from the Hip-Hop press and across the internet and if you are wise enough to catch him live tonight you will see why!

As ever these visiting guests are welcomed by one of the strongest resident line ups in the land as London’s finest DJ 279 and Spin Doctor set the mood with their brilliant party blend of classic and brand new bangers.

Holding down duties on the mic are our host MC Prankster the Trini Gladiata who will be keeping the crowd involved with his classic crowd hyping style while the brilliant Skillit joins us for a live PA.

Rocking room two we have a host of the best DJs in the capital in the shape of Livin’ Proof’s DJ Rags and Khalil, DJ Lok, Chris P Cuts and DJ Ivan6 so there will be no place to hide on the night!

Byron – Beautiful (Official Video)

Byron – ‘Beautiful’. Taken from the mixtape “Jack Of None”, available on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon etc

Please support the original track by Masta Ace, produced by Koolade.



The first of a series of collaborations between Loft B Recordings and Kissing Gate Video

UK Producer Stealf starts his album campaign with new single

Starting life out as a DJ, Stealf is now one of the most well known producers from the UK. Numerous well known rappers have been heard rapping on his beats including USA superstars such as 40Glocc, Jim Jones, The Game, Joe Budden and Hussien Fatal, as well as UK acts such as Skinnyman, Professor Green and Big Cakes. His trademark sound has earned him recognition from a string of leading Hip-Hop magazines and blogs, as well as getting love from DJ’s all over the USA and Europe.

Now in 2011, Stealf ups his game once more as he promises to unleash his amazing debut album ‘I Am Stealf’ which features the likes of Jadakiss, Ruste Juxx, Joell Ortiz and Wordsmith and a string of superb UK emcee’s including Konny Kon, Deeze, Dap-C and Wolftown Recordings artist LATE. The first single to be lifted from the album is ‘Rain Bring Pain’ featuring Blackwall Street producer/DJ/rapper Nu Jerzey Devil. This is definitely a future Hip-Hop classic and is now available to purchase on iTunes for you listening pleasure.

Support real artists and purchase Stealf Feat Nu Jerzey Devil ‘Rain Bring Pain’ on MP3 from this direct iTunes link for only 79p!

If you are a DJ and would like to play this track in your club, on your radio show or indeed add this track to your next mixtape then please get in contact. Your support is really needed on this to make this track as big as it deserves to be.
E-Mail – info@parkstreetpr.co.uk

If you are an artist needing beats or wanting to work with Stealf please connect at the links below….


Yung Boss – Ride With Me

Yung Boss was born in Brooklyn, New York in November 1990. At an early age he spoke fluently and memorized phrases at the drop of a dime. Every song he heard on the radio he was able to repeat word for word. Of course, his family wished he could apply that talent to his school work also. Music was a passion for Yung Boss even at that early age. He began free styling at the age of 7 and loved the response he got from other students. “One day, I’m going to make it on BET or MTV”, he’s say. Even without the support from his parents, Yung Boss was committed to homing in on his craft and showing everyone that this wasn’t a joke. Even with negative outside influences that would eventually get him into trouble, he became even more determined to make it in the music industry. It was real; it was what his life was going to be. He would prove to the world that Yung Boss is a contender in this music industry.
Yung Boss had collaborated with some remarkable producers such as T.R.O.N, Vybe Beatz and Superstar O on his hit single “Ride Wit Me”. This single is like taking a ride of a life time, a ride into paradise. It has a catchy sound to it; it’s upbeat and fun and is definitely a club song. This song is relatable to all young hip people, who are looking for a fun life, an adventurous life doing it all with the beat of a song like this. This is radio friendly, radio ready, relatable, memorable and sustainable. It also has a great video attached to it.
This singles has been released and is available at the following websites:

www.promofm.com (Search: Yung Boss)

Yung Boss is currently working with A & R Select in West Hollywood, Ca. for publishing, licensing, a record deal and/or placement opportunities. For additional information, you can reach them at:

YUNG BOSS-Ride Wit Me Ft. Demash’e