UK Runnings Presents H.O.O.D Fellaz – New Years Resolution

01. Intro (Produced by LDN)
02. Nothing More Nothing Less (Produced by LDN)
03. Money, Power, Respect Feat. Raggo Zulu Rebel & Big Cakes (Produced by Ant Will)
04. Bars & Flows (Produced by Jinx)
05. Wa Gwan 4 Diss (Produced by Twozer)
06. She Like It Like Dat (Produced by Jinx)
07. S.N.M (Produced by Jinx)
08. B.L.A.C Out Feat. Tamppa Illuminati X
09. A Game (Produced by Jinx)
10. Make It Out Alive (Produced by Stealf)
11. Rock Like Us (Produced by Lullaby)
12. Grime Watch (Produced by Jinx)
13. Chosen Feat. Sonical (Produced by Lullaby)
14. Goin In (RAAAAH) (Produced by Jinx)

Download Link:

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