Marcus Manchild Feat. Brian Angel – Merry Go Round


Fullmetal F-Dot ‘Check It Out! With Fullmetal F Dot’

Firm believer in his own talent. A dreamer with a myopic focus. An artist Filled with stories to share. Fullmetal F dot (Federally known as: Casey Douglas Colello) was born and raised in AlieF, TX just outside the Houston city limits. At the young age oF 13 his love of hip-hop Fueled his desire to become an artist of the medium. What initially started as an aFter-school hobby eventually developed into his Favorite pastime. Feelings of social ostracism due to contrasting interests with the majority of his peers lasted throughout high school and Fanned the artistic Flames. With his writing improving over the years, the Firm belief in his own talent solidified.

Fullmetal F dot continued honing his skills on the mic right aFter graduating From AlieF Taylor High School. During this time, Few southern rappers truly inspired his lyricism, but this did not get in the way of his AlieF pride. The time came when he decided he was Fit For the world’s stage. His dreams were stuck on repeat with one Focus: living oFF one’s passion. “Why wouldn’t someone want to make a living oFF their passion?” Fullmetal legitimately questions.

Now with over a decade of writing, recording, several online Features, and two mixtapes under his hip-hop belt, he boldly brings a dissimilar sound to the southern scene. His unique style reFlects his youth, multi-ethnic background, and city. Fullmetal- Filled with lyrical rhymes to relate- invites everyone to Follow along to witness, and hopeFully get pleasure From, his (F)earless (D)isplay (O)f (T)alent. In addition to a solo hip hop career, Fullmetal F dot also leads and contributes his vocals to the alternative band Bandtastic 4, consisting of Cale Borne (Lead Guitar), Andre Cunningham (Drums), Chase Owens (Bass Guitar). The four of them also perform together for all of Fullmetal F dot’s live performances.

Fullmetal F dot “Check It Out! With Fullmetal F dot”

01. Check It
02. Okay
03. Say Yeah with Hi Stakez
04. Handz Up
05. Open Up The Door!
06. No Good For Me with Sean D Blanco
07. Disconnected
08. ReciproCITY! with Bluu Suede
09. Mr. Futuristic
10. No Love with Twank Star & Chucky
11. Opposite
12. Life On An Easel with Jack Freema
13. Pen Is Mightier
14. Ain’t No Rest For The Wicked with Cage The Elephant
15. Fools Gold
16. Out!

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MP3’s for DJ’s
Fullmetal F dot “Okay” (Dirty/Street):
Fullmetal F dot “Okay” (Clean/Radio):
Fullmetal F dot “Open Up The Door!”
Fullmetal F dot Feat. Bluu Suede “ReciproCITY!”

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It was only a few months ago when Van GO began experimenting in the booth as an artist
From the moment he heard his voice through a stereo he knew he could change the way the game is played.
With the release of his debut “City of Change” he’s making it clear that being different is more than (acceptable) it’s underrated.

Track Listing:

01. On My Own
02. Punish Me
03. Colour Of Dope
04. Stand Back
05. Want You To Know

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UK Runnings Presents Deeze – They Call Me Big Dutty (Mixtape & Videos)


01 – F**k The Long Talk
02 – UK Anthem
03 – Battle Time (Cuts by Jabba Tha Kut)
04 – They Call Me Big Dutty
05 – War Time
06 – We Aint Playin
07 – Ya Done Nothin
08 – I’m A Killer
09 – March Into War
10 – Gimme…
11 – I Am Deeze
12 – Takeover Freestyle

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Bekay – “Remember” Holocaust Tribute Video

“Remember” was meant to be different from day one. The vision was clear, the two artists Bekay and DJ Dbefekt joined forces with the Deer Studio Records team to create something extraordinary. Staying close to the roots of the culture that made them who they are, Bekay and DB delivered a piece on the Holocaust using hip-hop as the medium. Attempting to touch a wide audience, this YouTube links is equipped with an interactive transcript that translates the lyrics into French, Japanese, Portuguese and Spanish. Please read the forward from Bekay and be sure to pass the links onto your friends and family.

Bekay – “Remember”:
“Remember” means a great deal to me personally and to those who have dealt with oppression in any capacity. I have relatives who fled from Europe due to religious persecution during the holocaust and so my involvement with this project is a matter of intense personal interest both as an artist and more importantly as a human being. Although this video captures the oppression of the Jewish people during the Holocaust, it’s intended for any man, woman, or child that has dealt with racism or oppression in one form or another as these issues are still very much alive in 2011.

As an artist, I take great pride in creating authentic music that is both timeless and relevant, intended for the everyday people that are dealing with the trials and tribulations of life. Sadly, I find that the current generation of hip-hop has turned a blind eye to issues that matter, which is contrary to the very building blocks of the art form. Language is a powerful tool and I consider it an obligation for anyone calling themself an emcee to use our words not just for the sake of rhyming, but to transmit our culture and history.

Let us all REMEMBER these tragic events in history so we can never let anything like this happen again. Yom Hashoah.


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Mr Shaodow – Get Stronger ft Ghetts *AK Remix*


Single officially released Friday 3rd June 2011

As a totally independent artist (no Management, Record Label or Outside Funding) Mr ShaoDow (pronounced Sha‐Ow‐Dough) is no stranger to knock downs. At age 18 he traveled alone to China in order to learn Shaolin Kung Fu & fulfill a long held dream. Whilst studying the art of fighting he also discovered the art of music.  “Over 4,000 CDs sold across the UK on his own.” Unwilling to sit around & wait for success to come to him, he began a journey that would span the whole of the UK. Armed only with a bag full of his CDs, his lyrical skill & passion he has single‐handedly sold over 4,000 copies of his CD across the country.

More than just a good salesman, ShaoDow is known for his range of musical styles & his unrivaled performance. He has headlined the O2 Academy in Oxford, supported the likes of Chase & Status, Devlin & Skepta, appeared on Tim Westwood’s 1xtra show & was recently asked by Wiley to perform at the Manchester leg of his tour.
“A totally independent release from a totally independent artist.”

Produced by Mr SnoWman & engineered at NLT Studios ‘Get Stronger’ is a hard hitting, bass heavy blend of Dubstep & Grime with skillful, high energy lyricism from both ShaoDow and Ghetts as they deal with a topic that everybody can relate to.  Released on Friday 3rd of June, the digital single will include the more commercially tuned ‘Get Stronger AK Remix’; a Dubstep/Rock/Drum & Bass invention created by talented artist/producer AK.  The third track on the release entitled ‘Stay Away’ is a Mr SnoWman produced
banger featuring lyrics from Mr ShaoDow, Ghetts & Birmingham’s very own ‘Vader’.

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Mr Flex of Chosen Spokesmen – Nothing To Prove EP

Mr Flex from Chosen Spokesmen finally drops the much anticipated release of his superb ‘Nothing To Prove EP’. Featuring production from some the UK’s biggest beat-makers such as Kelakovski, Chemo, Risk Beats and Beat Butcha, this is EP is a must for UK Rap fans. The EP also features Chosen Spokesmen members Blick Kid, Danger The Sergeant and Modulation, as well as guest features from female vocalist Sophie and UK heavy-hitters Ramson Badbonez, Iron Braydz, Kosyne and DJ 456.

The EP showcases Mr Flex’s lyrical skills and versatility well and is already getting the thumbs up from various tastemakers in the UK scene. As one of the founding members of the group Chosen Spokesmen, Mr. Flex first took to writing rhymes in 2001 after hearing The Trilogy Remix by Jehst, Kyza and Chester P. Mr Flex was a well-respected name on the UK open mic circuit and took part in many sessions at Kung Fu, Deal Real, Speakers Corner and other respected London events.

As Mr Flex learned and nurtured his craft as an emcee he started to feature heavily on mixtapes from DJ 456 mixtapes, as well as hosting the latest mixtape from the Ipswich based DJ Represent entitled ‘No Question Part 2’. The two are now in the studio working on EP together which is set to release by the end of the year. You can catch Mr Flex supporting Capital R and DJ 456 at gigs up and down the country.

Mr Flex of Chosen Spokesmen – Nothing To Prove EP

01 – Intro Feat. DJ 456 (Produced By Risk Beats) 00:42
02 – Nothing To Prove Feat. Sophie (Produced By Beat Butcha) 04:15
03 – Are You With Me Feat. Kosyne (Produced By Kelakovski) 03:41
04 – Mad Real Feat. Chosen Spokesmen (Produced By Chemo) 04:00
05 – Dark Days (Produced By Risk Beats) 03:30
06 – Street Drama (Real Shit) (Produced By Chemo) 03:52
07 – 1000 Deaths Feat. Ransom Badbones & Iron Braydz (Produced Kelakovski, Cuts by DJ 456) 04:39

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Wiz Khalifa – Taylord

01.Choppa Choppa Down
03.Fly With You
04.Never Been
05.Gang Shit
06.Crusin Rollin
07.Pedal To The Medal
10.In My Whip
12.The Kid Frankie
13.In The Cut
14.People and Places
15.Word Of Mouth
16.She Said
18.Straight Ballin
19.Deep Sea Divin
21.Bad Bitch
22.Fucked Up
24.Jimmy Fallon
26.Blowin Kush
27.Swag It Out
28.Hoes On My Dick
29.Crush The World
30.Count On Me
31.Let Go (Prod By Prizzie)
32.Cold Winter
34.Decked Out
35.Notice Me
36.Show Up
37.Party All Night

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