B.A Interview


Tell us a little bit about yourself and what you have released?
Im an artist from north london. I’ve been making music since i was young. I love all aspects of music. Music is my Wifey. I have released a few mixtapes, featured on a few mixtapes, done alot of collabs, handed out promo’s and made a few videos, which can be found on my youtube. I am soon to have tracks available on itunes, so look out, musik is my wifey available for download on itunes soon. I will also be selling CD’s. All information of where to purchase my music will be put on all my social network sites.

Facebook: badattitudeL1,
Myspace: myspace.com/gsmflawless,
Twitter: Badattitude1,
Youtube: GSM42009,
Website: http://officialbadattitude.webs.com

A lot of independent artist’s now run their own labels. Do you think this is the way forward? Or do you hope one day to get signed to a major or another label?

Yeah i think this is a great idea, as long as you have the ability to do it successfully. It gives you the opportunity to release the music you like to do and in your way, without the label changing you to meet there idea’s. Some labels help you get places you couldn’t reach on you own so in that sense there is great opportunity if you get signed. At the moment I work independantly, but i’m going to see where this road leads to for now and make the important decisions at the right time.

Formats of music are changing all the time, but we asked you ‘CD or MP3’ which would you say is better and why?

I would say MP3. They are more reliable to keep, effiecient and easier to give out. They can’t get scratched like CD’s. I don’t think CD’s are dead though. I still use them, lol.

Apart from the genre of music that you make what else do you listen to?

Abit of everything. As i said before i love all aspects of music. Well.. maybe not opera, lol.

Is there any music that you hate and just can’t listen too?

Opera, lol.

If there was a position of power that was ‘world leader’ and you was chose as the person to fill that position, what laws or things would you change and why?

make weed legal loool , and i would bring bk community centre for kids to get of the st. bring back sports activities since lib dem took away

People are saying that live shows are the way forward for acts to earn money, but then we hear its hard to get bookings? What’s your take on this?

Yeah, it is hard to get bookings for shows. It helps to know people really. You have to be ahead of the game and really be on point and quick, when it comes to getting shows. I haven’t done that many shows to date. But i’m hoping to change that this year.

Who is or was the best musician in the world and why?

i would say 2pac

positive, real ..

smart and his lyrics has meanings behind it he dont just spit like the rest of dem….

you can hear wat he’s sayingg

So what does the future hold for you?

Hopefully my music becomes more well known. I hope to release more tracks and albums, followed by videos. I wanna do more shows and get more out there. I hope one day my music will be enjoyed all round the world.

Give us all your relevant internet links!

Facebook: badattitudeL1,
Myspace: myspace.com/gsmflawless,
Twitter: Badattitude1,
Youtube: GSM42009,
Website: http://officialbadattitude.webs.com


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