Cons ‘June Bug Soon Come’

East London emcee/producer Cons aka conspicuous gears up to release his third solo album on June 6th. The album entitled ‘June Bug’ is due for release on June 6th and promises to be one of UK Hip-Hop highlights of 2011. The twelve track album is a follow up to 2007’s highly acclaimed ‘The Family Photo Album’. Production credits on the album include some real UK heavyweight beat makers such as AH fly, Apollo, Evil Ed, Apatight, S.Chu, M-Dot, Shears and S-Type, Cons has continued the soulful theme that has been the foundation of his previous work. ‘June Bug’ is what the game has been missing. To keep us going and get the vibe building Cons now drops a twenty track mixtape featuring guests such as the legendary Seanie T, alongside names such as TB, Grimlok, Sir Smurf Lil, Cobane, Willo Wispa and many more, as well as production from Jabba Tha Kut, Apa-Tight, Big E-D, Waz, 7th Dan and more. This really is quality Hip-Hop music!!!

01. The Welcoming
02. Air It Out (Produced by Cons & Jabba Tha Kut)
03. I Go Off Featuring Grimlok
04. Like This Featuring TB, Cobane & Seanie T (Produced By S.Chu)
05. Eddie
06. Another
07. Illy Featuring Iceman & Shortman (Produced by Apa-Tight)
08. What U Do Dat 4 (Produced by Big E-D)
09. Let It Off
10. Every-Day Featuring Smart Alex (Produced by Waz)
11. Smoking Gun
12. So Bait…
13. Worlds Collide Featuring Sir Smurf Lil (Produced by Cons)
14. Successful
15. Cant Go On This Way
16. Homeward Bound Featuring Seanie T (Produced by Cons & Jabba Tha Kut)
17. Uptown Featuring Cobane
18. Broken Safety Featuring Willo Wispa
19. I Am Featuring Script Dollars (Produced by 7th Dan & Dan Mizuri)
20. Three Strikes (Produced by Cons & Jabba Tha Kut)

Download link:

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