Bekay – “Remember” Holocaust Tribute Video

“Remember” was meant to be different from day one. The vision was clear, the two artists Bekay and DJ Dbefekt joined forces with the Deer Studio Records team to create something extraordinary. Staying close to the roots of the culture that made them who they are, Bekay and DB delivered a piece on the Holocaust using hip-hop as the medium. Attempting to touch a wide audience, this YouTube links is equipped with an interactive transcript that translates the lyrics into French, Japanese, Portuguese and Spanish. Please read the forward from Bekay and be sure to pass the links onto your friends and family.

Bekay – “Remember”:
“Remember” means a great deal to me personally and to those who have dealt with oppression in any capacity. I have relatives who fled from Europe due to religious persecution during the holocaust and so my involvement with this project is a matter of intense personal interest both as an artist and more importantly as a human being. Although this video captures the oppression of the Jewish people during the Holocaust, it’s intended for any man, woman, or child that has dealt with racism or oppression in one form or another as these issues are still very much alive in 2011.

As an artist, I take great pride in creating authentic music that is both timeless and relevant, intended for the everyday people that are dealing with the trials and tribulations of life. Sadly, I find that the current generation of hip-hop has turned a blind eye to issues that matter, which is contrary to the very building blocks of the art form. Language is a powerful tool and I consider it an obligation for anyone calling themself an emcee to use our words not just for the sake of rhyming, but to transmit our culture and history.

Let us all REMEMBER these tragic events in history so we can never let anything like this happen again. Yom Hashoah.


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