Quest Rah ‘Ancient Tapes Volume 2 – The Lost Art’ & New Sound Era TV Video

01. Intro – A Lost Art – music by Kieran Tonra
02. Heat – produced by Insomniak, cuts by DJ Illout
03. Chasin’ Shadows (feat. The Planets) – produced by Quest-Rah
04. Femme Fatale – produced by Ayman Raze/The Planets
05. Stay Official (feat. Digital Martyrs & Ikwon) – produced by Quest-Rah, cuts by DJ Illout
06. Legend of a Fighter – produced by Quest-Rah
07. The Window (feat. Phonetikz) – produced by Silent Trigger, cuts by DJ Illout
08. Interlude – Concrete Desert – produced by Shanakee
09. Move On, Elevate – produced by Ancient Arts
10. Opium Warz (feat. Phoenix Da Icefire & Phonetikz) – produced by Ancient Arts, cuts by DJ Illout
11. Craftsman – produced by J Zak
12. 5th Element – produced by Quest-Rah
13. El Ijaza (Vacation) (feat. AbdelKader Saadoun) – produced by Omar Rayan (RIP), Abdelkader Saadoun & Quest-Rah
14. The Weak & The Strong (feat. OnTheD) – produced by Ancient Arts
15. Calm Before The Storm (RMX) – produced by Ancient Arts
16. Outro – Remembrance

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Connect with Quest Rah…

Check Quest-Rah spittin’ some street bars in an episode of ‘The Lowdown’ for popular Hip-Hop channel ‘New Sound Era’:


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