Mr. Flix Interview

MR. FLIX Interview

With his new EP out and doing damage, we had to catch up with this London emcee to get the lowdown on his music and his vibe…

Tell us a little bit about yourself and what you have released?
I have loved music for as long as I can remember, and Hip Hop was a Genre that just grabbed my attention straight away, I loved the power and freedom it gave the artist and now making Hip Hop enhances that love further. I have just dropped my debut EP “Conceptualized Deceit” and have a whole bunch more on the go to be pushed out soon.
A lot of independent artist’s now run their own labels. Do you think this is the way forward? Or do you hope one day to get signed to a major or another label?
For me no, I have never had any desire to run my own independent label, as I like to focus on making effective music for now, and use an already functioning independent structure. But I think as long as it is done with commitment and passion then it is a very effective gameplan for many artists. As for majors it’s not something I am personally thinking about for now, I want to focus on creating a steady foundation and show people I’m just warming up.

Formats of music are changing all the time, but we asked you ‘CD or MP3’ which would you say is better and why?
Ouch …. Well this depends on whether you are looking from an artist point of view or a consumer point of view, and both have pro’s and cons, as much as the old school in me loves to see a hard copy pressed up, I would have to say that the self marketing potential and easy access for consumer has to give Mp3 an edge, but as an artist you are gonna see a decline in financial opportunity. Think really its going to be an endless debate….

Are you releasing your music on CD or MP3 and how are you finding the different formats?
At the moment I am going down the digital route, all releases will be mp3, however I have an album on the horizon, which will definitely get pressed up, but even that would be distributed on a mainly digital basis, the hard copy would be more of an optional extra.

Apart from the genre of music that you make what else do you listen to?
 I love Hip Hop and to me there is nothing more expressive and thought provoking. However my musical taste is very diverse, I could happily sit and listen to the potential in a classical piece of music, and then go and hit a dubstep night and feel the energy and passion in it, and the potential behind acoustic pieces can be immense….. I will give most genres a try and if its got skill then I’m down to listen.

Is there any music that you hate and just can’t listen too?
Yeh for sure, I can’t get on with highly commercial pop music, to me it just has no appeal, girl\boy bands feel like a different species to me, they just seem to want to pass through life being handed material and acting like puppets for people in suits. I also don’t really have any tolerance to the Death Metal culture, I appreciate that there is a level of skill behind the composition by the band, but for me a track is 90% about lyrics and I don’t class a person screaming as particularly lyrical.

So let’s talk about how people can support you. Do you have music out there people can buy?
Better than that there is the new EP “Conceptualized Deceit”, that is available on FREE download from .

Do you have any merchandise for sale yet, or do you do anything in the industry that you want to talk about?
No I’m not really into the merchandise side of things right now; all I’m focused on is bringing some more real Hip Hop to the table and try to maintain a presence within the UK scene.

If there was a position of power that was ‘world leader’ and you was chose as the person to fill that position, what laws or things would you change and why?
Ha imagine that! … I’m pretty sure most people answer with the same type of thing as, legalize weed, abolish income tax and string mp’s up by their expense receipts, I would agree with most of them and would ensure that all the living rap legends were appointed as cabinet ministers and head of United Nations, then any country that had beef would have to settle it in some epic mic battle instead of war…. I have a vivid imagination…. Flix for PM Holla!!! 
People are saying that live shows are the way forward for acts to earn money, but then we hear it’s hard to get bookings? What’s your take on this?
It’s definitely hard if you’re starting out and you are thinking too big, ambition is fine but it has to be realistic. I know I’m not gonna sell out the O2 next week, but at the same time I know if I take a bit of time to chat to some smaller promoters and show them an effective style of Hip Hop, then there is a good chance I could grab a set or two. Like anything it requires starting from the bottom and work up…. But nonetheless it’s an essential part of Hip Hop.

Who is or was the best musician in the world and why?
An impossible question really as I have so many diverse tastes, but the likes of Tupac Shakur, Elton John, The Beatles and Bob Marley would all be massive candidates.

So what does the future hold for you?
I am going to be jumping on some freestyle tracks to release shortly, just because to me it was a huge part of my education and I want to see more of it come back, they will be a free collection for anyone who wants to hear some gritty free’s. I’m thinking about doing another EP as well just to keep things ticking over while the details of the album are being worked out and implemented, but an album will be happening this year.

Once again thanks for your time. Anyone you want to shout out or anything you want to add before you go?
Big thanks for the support to yourselves keep doing ya thing. I also wanna shout out Stealf and De Facto Entertainment for their support and massive thanks to Tricksta at Park Street for the continued support, more shouts to St Laz, Loop Genius and Roskrypz for blessing “Conceptualized Deceit” and massive thanks to those that have downloaded it …. If you haven’t please visit for your FREE copy.

Okay please give us all your relevant internet links so people can connect with you. 
Catch my new webpage or look me up on facebook, reverb nation and soundcloud.

Interview by David Wellar



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