A competition that EVERYBODY who enters can WIN from Sturban Clothing

That’s right, can you believe it? We have put together a competition that has various levels of entry so if you are a video producer you can enter, if you are a graphic designer you can enter and if you are a marketer you can enter and all of you can win because we are not limiting the amount of winners or the prize. Wow! I hear you cry but there must be some sort of catch…? …Nope!

So, how does it work? Firstly you will need to register your interest; all we need is your name, contact details (including address and email), from there we will email you a url that is unique to you and now you are ready to start winning! Email me on ushop@sturbanclothing.com

You can then create an image, video, music track or an article, you could even just promote the url and every purchasing visitor you attract to our site we will give you 10% of whatever they spend. Visitors don’t have to spend immediately tracking last for 30 days so if at anytime they come back within that 30 days you win, how much you win depends on how hard you work and how many purchasing visitors you send us. What you can earn is uncapped and as an added bonus the person that creates the most sales will win a prize up to the value of the winnings they have accumulated.

We are happy to support you in this anyway we can and will publish the best attempts on our Social networks, site and maybe even newsletters, so to get started email me on ushop@sturbanclothing.com with your real name, address and contact details.

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