Jailhouse Ltd, DJ 5X & Coast2Coast Mixtapes present ‘International Speaker Box 2’

01 – Sir Tomz & Nih’Illi – Lockdown
02 – Illa – Blaka Blaka
03 – Kash Kow Kai – Whatcha Life Like
04 – Sir Tomz & Nih’Illi – What You Know About
05 – Knightstalker, Jimmy Cena & Jeune Ras – Kick And Snare (Euro Mix)
06 – Sir Tomz & Nih’Illi – 25 Pence
07 – Knightstalker & TMM – On Fire
08 – Ace Pretty Boss Assassin – Ride Out
09 – Layce – We Ride We Slide
10 – Sir Tomz & Nih’Illi – The Struggle
11 – Sir Tomz & Nih’Illi – Stack It Up
12 – Flymula – Tax Return
13 – Greif Feat. Brisco N Razor – LMNOP
14 – Loon-E – Lock Em Down
15 – Loon-E – Stand Fo
16 – Fame – Never Call
17 – Naz B – Change For Me

Download link:

New York born, South Californian raised mixtape deejay 5X is back with the second instalment of his international series Speakerbox. Volume Two comes loaded with hot track from artists from the UK, Germany and Switzerland. DJ 5X has been putting it down as a DJ since the mid-nineties and has released mixtapes hosted by various artists including Ace Hood, as well as unleashing the superb ‘Xtreme Measures’ mixtape series.

Now we get a seventeen track collection that just proves how much European Hip-Hop is on the rise. Featuring the likes of Jailhouse Ltd artists Sir Tomz & Nih’Illi from Birmingham, UK on five tracks this mixtape also features Naz B, Knightstalker, Illa, Kash Kow Kai, Loon -E, Fame, Grief, Ace Pretty Boy Assassin, Layce and Flymula. This is a big mixtape and is out now for FREE download! Grab it now..

Connect with DJ 5X:

Connect with Sir Tomz:

Connect with Jailhouse Ltd:

Also don’t forget to grab ‘Lockdown The Album’ from iTunes now:


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