Mr 13 Ft Big Frizzle & Supar Novar ‘Let It Rain (Produced by Wizard)’

This is the second single from taken from Mr. 13’s new release ‘Firts Featuring’. For this project Mr 13 reached out to artists whose music he respects and managed to bring together some of the best underground MCs and producers in the UK. ‘Firts Featuring’ which features Loudmouth Melvin, Big Cakes, Cyclonious, Phoenix Da Icefire, Iron Braydz, Supar Novar, UK Charisma, Kinetik from Grand Central, Cons, Dukus, Superior Thought, Big Frizzle, JAI, Locksmiths, Yung, Kal Sereousz, Major, Cobane, Pyro Barz and Mangaliso Asi, with production from the likes of 7th Dan, Nutty P, Beat Butcha, Wizard, Jabba Tha Kut, Agent Of Change, Superior Thought, Crankz, as well as cuts from Terry Hooligan.

Mr 13 Ft Big Frizzle & Supar Novar
‘Let It Rain (Produced by Wizard)’
Directed by Global Faction.

Mr 13 Presents ‘Firts Featuring’ (Full Tracklisting)

01. Hopes And Dreams Feat. Big Cakes & UK Charisma (Prod by 7th Dan)
02. Kick Back Feat. Kinetik (Grand Central) & Superior Thought (Prod by Superior Thought)
03. Let It Rain Feat. Supar Novar & Big Frizzle (Prod by Wizard)
04. So What Feat. JAI (Prod by Agent Of Change, Cuts by Terry Hooligan)
05. Home Is Where The Hatred Is Feat Cyclonious (Prod by Jabba Tha Kut)
06. Caught Up In The Hype – Locksmiths (Prod by Nutty P)
07. A Long Way To Go – Phoenix Da Icefire & Iron Braydz (Prod by Beat Butcha)
08. Ain’t F*cking Wid Us Feat. Yung (Prod by 7th Dan)
09. Hold It Down Feat. Kal Sereousz & Major (Prod by 7th Dan)
10. Let You Know Feat. Dukus (Prod by Crankz)
11. Tight Circle Feat. Cons & Cobane (Prod by 7th Dan)
12. Flow Fitness Feat. Loudmouth Melvin & Pyro Barz (Prod by Wizard)
13. Time Has Passed Feat. Mangaliso Asi (Prod by 7th Dan)
14. Taking Steps (Prod by Deadman Walkn)
15. 64 Bars (Prod by 7th Dan)

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