Ruinz Ason ‘Champions Breakfast EP’ (Link, News & Video)

Champions Breakfast is the 4th Release by South London artist Ruinz Ason and is produced by brother and producer J-Flames. The nine track EP is released off the back of the acclaimed 2010 album entitled ‘Hood- starz And Villains’ released in collaboration with New York DJ and Funk Master Flex Protege DJ Technic (Zackery Walls). Ruinz has received airplay on Choice FM and 1xtra and his last single ‘Calling’ reached number 3 in the Flava TV music video charts. In an album review by RWD MAG, Hattie Collins described Ruinz Ason as ‘UK Hip-Hop at its best!’ and also went on to compare Ruinz Ason to UK Hip-Hop heavyweights Sway and Klashnekkoff.

Champions breakfast does not disappoint and delivers even more character, intensity and oxy-morons that listeners have come to now expect from the talented artist who has supported such acts as Ms Dynamite and legendary New York rapper Keith Murray. The EP features collaborations From Twelves a member of the Lewisham Grime collective OG’s and Foz Tee an associate of UK reggae star Gappy ranks. Once again Ruinz Ason has delivered another superb release.

Ruinz Ason ‘Champions Breakfast’ Download Link:

Ruinz Ason ‘Post Man’ (Music Video):


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