Ghost67 ‘Angel Of Sin’ OUT NOW

British rapper and lyricist Ghost 67 began writing spoken word at the tender age of sixteen until he heard Mark B & Blades album ‘The Unknown’. It was this slice of UK Hip-Hop history that really got Ghost67 writing and recording tracks and freestyles. Ghost67 swore he would track down Blade as he wanted to show him his bars and his flow, as well as taking on board any advice that this experienced UK veteran could give. Ghost67 then made his way to London to see Everlast live and out of pure coincidence Blade was supporting! The two conversed during the gig and numbers were swapped. Eight months later, Ghost67 released ‘Regular Guys’ featuring Blade and as they say, the rest is history.

Since then Ghost67 has recorded several songs for various projects and has featured on tracks released in UK, USA, Canada, Germany, Holland and France building a strong underground international following. Through his underground network of record labels, artists and producers, Ghost67 has managed to collaborate with artists such as Stackadolla of Redman’s Gillahouse family, New York’s Kristin Hoffman, German Hip-Hop act Ich & Wirr, Houston’s underground group The Paperboys and London’s Mad Sabre, amongst others. He has also been active on the mixtape scene with support from UK Runnings and DJ Ophax from France, as well featuring on the ‘Kingdom Of Crooks’ mixtape with Mr CRF and Rack-Lo from New York.

Now in 2011, Ghost67 switches gears as he ups the tempo for the release of his long awaited debut album. Over seventy minutes of undiluted realness, ‘Footsteps Of An Angel Of Sin’ promises to be Ghost 67’s best work to date, as well as featuring US rapper Celph Titled, Blade, Mr CRF. Wordsmiff, Face (So Solid Crew) and an array of other talented artists. ‘Angel Of Sin’ is the official first single and it’s a slice of much needed UK Hip-Hop that is already being well received from bloggers and DJ’s. Keep your ears pricked and eyes peeled for the caveman of rap. You won’t be let down.

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‘Angel Of Sin’ is a quality Hip-Hop banger that actual says something.’

‘Quality UK Rap that bangs from the top to the very last drop’.

‘Check out Ghost67 because this is something fresh.’

‘Don’t expect songs glamorising drugs & guns, this is a lot more sincere than that.’

‘This is Hip-Hop for real heads.’

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Ragz Sweet Jones & Tony Mahoney – Cannot Live By Flesh Alone

01 – Z Funk Intro (Feat. Ridah)
02 – Icy
03 – Shark Fin Soup
04 – Interlude For Mayne
05 – Million Dollar Baby
06 – The Cursed
07 – Because
08 – Don’t Try This At Home
09 – Vampire Interlude
10 – Alone
Bonus Tracks:
11 – Low (Dash Gambino Solo Song)
12 – The Blues Feat. Big Ben

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Rago Magazine Presents ‘Taking It Worldwide Volume 3’ (Out Now!)

01 – LATE Feat B-Cide – All City Hustlin (Produced by Tricksta)
02 – Sir Tomz – Tell Dem Already (Produced by Sir Tomz)
03 – Gonja – Ounces of Kush ft. Cincinnati’s Flee, and Dojha (Produced by Gonja)
04 – Dave Bass Productions Feat Redz & Blackz – Drama Bangs On (Produced by Dave Bass)
05 – So O.D. – 1 Spliff (Produced by Joey C)
06 – Rising Son – OosSH! (Produced by Loop G)
07 – Da Kid M.A.T.T.Feat. K I Trubb – Graduation (Produced by Super Star O)
08 – Big PSG – No Mercy (Produced by Tritone)
09 – Maff Test – Made Of (Produced by Marcus Mills & Jonwain)
10 – 40DUBst – Banged Out (Produced by 40DUBst)
11 – Seven3ez – Blow It Down (Reppin Haiti) (Produced by OmiCdO)
12 – Imagery Feat. Keely Marie – Tragic (Produced by Sammy Gambino)
13 – Jackitdown Brown – I’m Real (Produced by Stealf)
14 – Tamika Nicole – Get It Right (Produced by Jimi Fischer)
15 – Skriblah DanGogh Feat. D.ablo – Mesmerised (Produced by Beatbutcha)
16 – Ruinz Ason – Post Man (Produced by J Flames)
17 – J.Karma Feat. Franko Fraize – Keep Pushin’ (Produced by Zimbabwe Kid)
18 – Mr. 13 Feat. Cons & Cobane- Tight Circle (Produced by 7thDan)
19 – Configa Beats Feat. Tone Liv, Respect (Tha God) and Godilla – Like That (Produced by Configa)
20 – A.C – Allow That (Produced by Deadman Walkn)
21 – LATE Feat Jai Boo – Worldwide Grind (Remixed & Produced by Feeney)
22 – Quest Rah – Craftsman (Produced by J Zak)
23 – Deeze – Gimme (Produced by Tricksta)

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