J. Karma – The Next Level

London born emcee J. Karma moved to Norwich at an early age and started recording around 2008. With a host of local acts all doing their thing, J. Karma knew it was time to unleash some of his music. After creating a local buzz by shifting over a thousand CD’s and getting airplay from Future FM, J. Karma is a name to watch out for. Inspired by life and all the stresses and joys of inner city living combined with his unique but diverse style of riding a beat can be heard all the way through his latest release ‘The Next Level’. J. Karma has arrived and arrived with a bang. Tipped already by various tastemakers to do big things, J. Karma is ready to take his sound to the next level.

With a string of solid reviews from some of the UK’s leading on-line magazines and blogs, as well as FM and Internet radio play and recently being interviewed for Rago Magazine, the vibe is already building for J. Karma’s ‘The Next Level’ mixtape. This talented songwriter and performer has teamed up with a host of featured guests including Grime star Little Dee who was part of the chart-topping Roll Deep and now reps hard with the OG’z alongside P Money & Blacks. The mixtape also features Tommy Bones, UK Hip-Hop veterans DPF & Reds from Chronic Redye, as well as rising UK rappers Franko Fraize and Jammin Kane. Quality music throughout, this is a must for fans of Grime, Hip-Hop and Urban Music.

J. Karma – The Next Level (Tracklisting)

01. Intro
02. Cocky As Fuck
03. Over Here Feat. Tommy Bones & Little Dee
04. Follow Me
05. Is That It?
06. Big Money
07. Intermission I
08. Round And Round
09. On Fire
10. Complete
11. Neveragain
12. Intermission II
13. Keep Pushin’ Feat. Franko Fraize
14. Don’t Need You
15. Raw Feat. Reds & DPF
16. Let Me Break It Down
17. Sick With The Mic Feat. Jammin Kane

Download links:

Email: JKarma@live.com


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