Jailhouse ‘Lockdown’ – Album Review

Jailhouse – Lockdown (Album Review)

Sir Tomz and his Jailhouse crew have rally been on their grind of late, with digital releases, mixtapes, freestyles & remixes, music videos, interviews, clothing labels, its basically all going off for this Midlands based label and Hip-Hop/Urban powerhouse.

First off before I even get into how good the songs are, I’m going to tell you about the production. Its amazing from the off, it’s like early Mobb Deep, Ruff Ryders with a twist of early Cash Money & No Limit but with an almost ragga/dub vibe! It’s a right mixture and I was banging my head on more than one occasion.

The beats really are quality and to compliment comes some quality rappers and singers too! Now I’m not hating but the UK is in a bit of mess, half of the artists are making weak diluted music to try and get deals and the other half are either moaning about how hard life hard is for an independent artist and the other half are just chatting breeze. This is none of the above, this is conscious rap but not too anal that it gets boring.

‘Lockdown’ really is something wholesome; this is really high grade real brain food. This album is out now on iTunes so make sure you support some really good music and get this now.

Connect with Sir Tomz:

Connect with Jailhouse Ltd:

Review by David Wellar


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