Sepalot – Clocks Ticking ft. Buff1 / Rollercoster

With “Rollercoster” Sepalot will be releasing the second single from his critically acclaimed album “Chasing Clouds” (Release September 30th, 2011/Eskapaden Musik). Hailed as the best german Hip Hop album 2011 by Germanys most influential, mainstream newspaper Sueddeutsche Zeitung and continuesly climbing up the local airplaycharts with first single “Rainbows” the project seems unstoppable.

With “Rollercoster” Sepalot created yet another strong and opulent track featuring Hanz Gable on vocals, that breathes pop all over. This charm of the unfinished, the soulful unpolished has become a trademark to this release and is one of the reasons that makes this record so special. Incorporating all the necessary ingredients for a classic, this single promises a worthy follow up to the first single, taking over from behind.


Chasing Clouds represents song-writing by means of virtuosic sampling. Scratching vinyl merges with large string ensembles and churning basslines. As though constructing a mosaic, he dissects melodies and rhythms into their smallest elements and recombines them to create a new musical masterpiece. Chasing Clouds is proof of the successful marriage that is futuristic Retro-Sound. Proof that development can be the result of return and reflection. But it also represents progress and the beginning of a new chapter. Chasing Clouds feat. Fashawn, Ladi6, Buff1 and more.

Incase you missed it…

Watch the video for ‘Rainbows’ :


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