Wax – Eviction Notice

01. Wax – Doin’ Damage [Prod. By Wax]
02. Wax – Too Loud [Prod. By EOM]
03. Wax – Haagen Dazs Scrilla [Prod. By EOM]
04. Wax – Rosana [Prod. By Nobody Famous]
05. Wax – Roll It Up (Feat. Jes Hudak & Gotham Green) [Prod. By Quickie Mart]
06. Wax – Coins [Prod. By EOM]
07. Wax – I’m Through [Prod. By The Fyre Dept]
08. Wax – Relax [Prod. By EOM]
09. Wax – Killing Me Inside [Prod. By Sam Barsh Of Palter Ego]
10. Wax – Guess Who (Feat. Dumbfoundead) [Prod. By EOM]
11. Wax – It’s All Love [Prod. By EOM]
12. Wax – P.A.R.T.Y. (Feat. Herbal T) [Prod. By Lack Of Afro]
13. Wax – My Future Is A Big Wide Open Space [Prod. By Greg Wells]
14. Wax – NEED [Prod. By EOM]
15. Wax – Limousine (Acoustic / EOM Beatbox Live At Knocksteady)

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