C-Rayz Walz – BLVCK ROSARIES (Celebrate) Ft. Freddie Bunz

On a rigorous schedule to inundate the planet w/ amazing Hip Hop songs and videos as he prepares listeners for his awaited full length “ALL BLVCK EVERYTHING: The Album” (April 2012). C-Rayz Walz is fresh out the graveyard shift w/ new life on “BLVCK ROSARIES” feat. the wild hair rhymes of Freddie Bunz.

“BLVCK ROSARIES” (video #3 of 5 Series) is a dedication and ode to Arielle Dickerson (one of Freddie’s most loved women) and Michael “Eyedea” Larsen (Rhymesayer Legend).

“Mikey left me in a point in my life that was so Dark his Death shone the Brightest Light on me I have ever Felt through Loss. We have a lot of Hip Hop History and this is my way of Burying him in my Heart. I had to make sure he Lives forever thru my words.”

BLVCK ROSARIES is well…..Just another Bright EYEDEA

C-Rayz Walz pays tribute to Eyedea (R.I.P.) with ‘Blvck Rosaries’ (feat. Freddie Bunz)


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