B-iLLA – The iLLA Tapes Vol. One – Free download & Music Videos

B-iLLA’s latest release is a twelve track free download entitled ‘The iLLA Tapes Volume One’ and it’s the official warm-up project for their forthcoming mixtape with UK Runnings called ‘Brothers In Bars’.

Here we get some hot tracks as well as previously unavailable material including some killer beats from leading beatmaker Deadman Walkn. This is the perfect soundtrack for any discerning Hip-Hop fan and another killer release from this collective.

01. Intro 01:23
02. Dillah – Oh Darlin 02:14
03. Mistah Biggz – Trashy (produced by J-Dilla) 03:00
04. The Game (produced by Dead Man Walkn) 02:43
05. (its) Contagious 03:32
06. War 02:49
07. Dillahman – Do It Properly 01:42
08. Mistah Biggz – Im not tryin 2 be 03:39
09. Angel (produced by DeadManWalkn) 02:36
10. Dillahman – You Dont Know Me (produced by DeadManWalkn) 04:12
11. How it is 04:11
12. RedLeRoux feat. B-iLLA – War (Dub Remix) 03:30

Download Link

Connect with B-iLLA

“This is quality UK Rap from B-iLLA and has definatley proved that they are a duo to watch out”

“Make sure you grab this, proper UK Hip-Hop that says something.”

“A brilliant new free download from the talented brothers MISTA BIGGZ and DILLAHMAN a.k.a B-iLLA”.


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