Beat Thief & iLLvibe ft L.S. ‘Cafe Jass’ FREE DOWNLOAD!!

This is quality from the start to the finish! Real forward thinking Hip-Hop… MAKE SURE YOU GET THIS!!

01. Introduction
02. The Light Feat. L.S.
03. Have I Told You
04. Sit Down (Interlude)
05. Flyin’ High Feat. L.S.
06. Change Feat. Mer & Yello Blac
07. Smile Feat. Non Applicable & L.S.
08. Don’t Know Why Feat. L.S.
09. Home Again
10. Lights Up (Interlude)
11. Midnight Feat. RK ParX
12. Can It Be Feat. Sam Steele
13. Band’s A B*tch (Interlude)
14. Before We Go Feat. Kwote1
15. Don’t Say Goodbye Feat. L.S.
16. Last Song Feat. L.S.

Free MP3 download link:

Beat Thief & iLLvibe feat. L.S. – Last Song (Official Music Video)


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