Tbless Feat. Orlando ‘Rebirth’ (New Single & Video)

Tbless Feat. Orlando ‘Rebirth’
iTunes Link: http://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/rebirth-feat.-orlando-single/id562066615

Tbless returns to the scene following a two-year hiatus with his brand new single ‘Rebirth’, featuring singer / songwriter Orlando.

In an ever-crowded marketplace, Tbless distinguishes himself by leaving behind the self-promoting clichés of most rappers to bring a single that inspires empowerment and optimism in these difficult times. ‘Rebirth’ is an honest, reflective cut which sees Tbless discuss confronting obstacles from the past, learning from your mistakes and using that constructively to move forward.

“I took time out; I needed to get back to what I wanted to say. I stopped looking at myself and started to look around me”, Tbless explains, “everything’s a struggle these days, it’s hard times out there so this track and the upcoming album is for the strugglers”.

‘Rebirth’ is the first track from the soon to be released album ‘The Second Coming’, a grand concept album that reflects on the changes in the world and in himself in post-recession Britain.

‘Rebirth’ will be play listed on BET TV shortly, with further TV play listing confirmations expected shortly.

Connect with Tbless:


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