CFF Mixtape ‘Volume One’ @ConsciousRoute @TrueHoldRecords

If you like Wu Tang, 9th Wonder, Alchemist, Mos Def, Talib Kweli, Sean Price and that real Boom Bap hard edged typed Hip-Hop vibe then you are going to love this. Tracks such as Conscious Route & Hansi Mcee’s ‘Some Don’t Find’ (Produced by DJ Sonny) are real treats, sounding like Non-Phixion or Dead Prez, and Blasfima Sinna, St & Conscious Route killing it on ‘Tronic’ (Produced by Fader). I didn’t really know much about Scottish Hip-Hop, but now I do. This isn’t a mixtape is a dope compilation album! Big shout to everyone involved on this one.


Track Listing:

1. Crows & Doves (Conscious Route Ft Sean El, produced by Seal El)
2. Name Dropping (Onetzu, Blasfima Sinna & Conscious Route, produced by Sokol)
3. New Chronic (Conscious Route, Onetzu & Blasfima Sinna, produced by DJ Pryzmat)
4. Middle East (Blasfima Sinna, produced by Tragic Pro)
5. Woke Up On The Wrong Side (Novelistt, Blasfima Sinna & Conscious Route produced by J- Short)
6. Wastelands (Dillahman, Big Dutty Deeze & Conscious Route, produced by Sean El)
7. Wi Yi For Life (Jordan Butler, produced by Jim Beats)
8. Struck (Bone Def, Megan Tait, Ruth Riley & Conscious Route, produced by Strut)
9. Concrete Amazon (Conscious Route, Blasfima Sinna & Jee4ce, produced by Mikey Blues)
10. Preach (Suus, Onezu & Conscious Route, produced by Akira/Sean El)
11. Some Don’t Find (Conscious Route & Hansi Mcee, produced by DJ Sonny)
12. Hoe Jazz (Kayce One, Nity Gritz, Conscious Route & Blasfima Sinna, produced by Strut)
13. Reflect (Werd, MBP & Conscious Route, produced by Scant Squad)
14. High Tip (Conscious Route & Megan Tait, produced by Strut)
15. About to Blow (Conscious Route, Dillahman & Blasfima Sinna, produced by Seal El)
16. Tronic (Blasfima Sinna, St & Conscious Route, produced by Fader)
17. Kill that Spliff (Conscious Route & Blasfima Sinna, produced by Konnsky)

Production by Sean El (Pareletic universe) Tragic Pro (Pareletic universe), DJ Sokol (Pareletic universe), Akira, DJ Pryzmat, Jim Beats, Strut (Master System/ Ghost Groove Records), Mikey Blues, DJ Sonny (Perfect Pactice), Scant Squad, DJ Konnsky, J Short, Fader (CatchKlick Emceez).

‘Crows & Doves,’ ‘Wastelands,’ ‘Woke up on the Wrong Side,’ ‘Struck,’ ‘Preach,’ ‘Hoe Jazz,’ ‘High Tip,’ ‘About to Blow,’ ‘Concrete Amazon’ mixed & mastered by Strut (Master System)
‘Name Dropping’ mixed & mastered by DJ Sokol (Pareletic universe)
‘New Chronic’ mixed & mastered by DJ Pryzmat (Syndycut/Pyramid Studios)
‘Middle East’ mixed & mastered by Tragic Pro (Pareletic universe)
‘Wi Yi For Life,’ ‘Reflect’ mixed & mastered by Drew Devine (SOS)
‘Some Don’t Find’ mixed & mastered by DJ Sonny (Perfect Practice/Burgh Records)
‘Tronic’ mixed & mastered by Fader (Catchklick Emceez)
‘Kill that Spliff’ mixed & mastered by Dj Konnsky
Cuts & Alternate Mixed version by DJ U-Turn (CCF/ You Sonix Records)

Conscious Route, Dillahman & Blasfima Sinna – About to Blow (Produced by Seal El) Music Video


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