Rediculus ‘More Then Ruff’ – J57 Remix Feat. Koncept, Craig G & Pair-A-Dyce @Rediculus @_J57 @Koncept_ @MC_Craig_G @Pairadyce @ParkStreetPR

J57_Remix_Art 500

Here’s a dope new single from Rediculus called ‘More Then Ruff’ with Brown Bag Allastar’s J57 on the Remix Feat. Koncept, Craig G & Pair-A-Dyce. This is quality.

Stream/Download here:

Also don’t forget to all UK heads that Koncept & J57 will be kicking off their European Tour on Feb 2nd in Cambridge alongside Booda French, Jefferson Price, B-iLLA, Big Dutty Deeze, Stakka & Mr. Melta with DJ’s Tricksta & Systematik.

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