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  1. Peace Family
    I pray all Is well with you and your loved ones
    Just to let you know I’ve recently released a new Video called 0 Caminho “The Journey” and wanted to ask you if you could post it on your site: here are the full details:
    Mohammed Yahya Feat. Fachadaz
    Produced by Faith SFX
    O Caminho (The Journey) Music Video

    WATCH THE VIDEO HERE: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wQs-fPhlSnU

    Mozambican born Hip Hop Activist Mohammed Yahya teams up with Portuguese Rapper Fachadaz and Beat-Boxing extraordinaire Faith SFX to bring you this Hip Hop traveler’s tale. Entitled ‘O Caminho’ (The Journey) delivered in both English and Portuguese these MCs illustrate their personal struggles for a brighter future on foreign soil.

    Video was shot and directed by GlobalFaction.

    Purchase the song here:

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