Some quality US Hip-Hop from Jackitdown Brown

Jackitdown Brown Presents – Zig Zag Mixtape Volume Four  

01. Lonely people
02. Drippin
03. Everybody Know
04. My Life
05. Knockin ft Raw biznez
06. Alive
07. R.i.p Pimp C ft J-R-Rah
08. Ghetto ft J-ace
09. Secret Lovers
10. Dreamin Ft J-R-Rah
11. What am I
12. Its so sweet
13. Tell It
14. Gone Be Sorry
15. Cold as Ice
16. All I wanna Do ft Yung Chamber
17. Love Her
18. Remember Me ft J-R-Rah
19. Goes away
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Jack Da Union – The Redkoatz Mixtape Vol.1

Jack Da Union – The Redkoatz Mixtape Vol.1

01 – Just Wrappin
02 – Turton Way
03 – Nicol Ass Feat R-Mani
04 – Pringlez Feat J-Scru, Supremo & Marga
05 – Ice Ring Feat J-Scru, Yul Brenner & Supremo
06 – Roll Out Feat Supremo & J-Scru
07 – Jelli Niggas Feat Yul Brenner & J-Scru
08 – Be Easy Feat Yul Brenner & Marga
09 – No Scouting Feat Yul Brenner & Marga
10 – Montem Middle Feat Yul Brenner & Supremo
11 – Murco Feat Yul Brenner, Supremo & Marga
12 – Sampler

Hailing from Slough, Jack Da Union is set to create his own legacy,  finally putting aside his ‘roadside’ antics to fulfil his true potential  as an artist. ack is commonly known for his Channel AKA smash ‘Hood Tactics’. Even though Jack had no previous promotion, ‘Hood Tactics’ reached Number 1 in their Official chart.  ‘Hood Tactics’ was then followed by ‘Run’ which produced similar results, peaking at number 3 in The Channel AKA official chart. Off the success of these singles, Jack released a self-titled Mixtape on Diceros Records, which is co-runs with producer/friend Jon-Con. Without the aid of distributors, PR companies or management, Jack and Diceros Records have managed to amass a worldwide following, with over 20,000 fans on Myspace, and are selling the Mixtape internationally, on iTunes, Amazon and other multinational music stores.  Jack has achieved this feat by the use of his unique vocal tone, natural instinctive flow, and clever use of metaphors and similes. Jack is proud to wear the badge of an underground street artist with overground appeal. He says, the direction he goes when writing a track, is set by the ambiance and varied production of his childhood friend and producer Jon-Con. Jack and Jon are set to compete with the top artists either side of the Atlantic, with their own unique twist.

Their latest venture sees them opening the door for other artists in their locale with a Mixtape called The Redkoatz Mixtape Vol.1  ‘Jus Wrappin’ is  paving the way for a plethora of videos to promote this project. Jack has already completed his second individual outing which is going to be titled ‘Redkoated’ and will be out Autumn 2010. Jack believes success is an eventuality.
The album “JACK DA UNION” is available on iTunes & Amazon

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Boy Face & K-Jo new video

After releasing a diss record called “Recovery” dissing a legendary rapper like Eminem, you would think that Boy Face would just lay low for a while. Nope, He just finished shooting a video for his street single “Don’t Hate the Hustler” with Dipset’s own Masar. Click on the video above.  The “Don’t Hate the Hustler” video was shot in Newark, NJ where some wouldn’t dare to go. Newark has a historical reputation for sending rap artist home without their jewelry and more. But because Boy Face lived in Newark from 2002-2005 he feels like this was his perfect opportunity to not only give back to the hood, but also to shed some light on his days as a hustler on the streets of Seattle, and Bremerton in Washington State. Even though that’s a long way from New York where Boy Face now resides, hustling is virtually the same anywhere you go. There’s Hustler’s and there’s customers, point blank.

Boy Face now spends his time Hustling his new “Mafia Swagg” album that is digitally distributed through Island/DefJam (on iTunes), hustling a new movie script he recently finished, hustling to build his Boy Face brand, hustling to keep the Dogg Pound next Generation brand growing and hustling to get live shows  both in the US, and overseas.  Now, that’s Hustle! Boy Face is now available for live shows so contact his management immediately.  And to all you hot djs out there, this song “Don’t Hate the Hustler” should be number one on your next mix-tape, hands down. Play it at your next club date and watch the crowd go wild.  Just close your eyes and listen to “Don’t hate the Hustler” a few times and visualize yourself dodging police, rival gangs, snitches, and hood-rats, and then actually becoming successful in the music game. Boy Face has turned nothing into something, and won’t stop until that Platinum plaque is on his wall.

Be on the lookout for the next Boy Face album titled “Face Time”, also be on the lookout for the next single off the “Mafia Swagg” album titled “Brooklyn Is America” including the “Brooklyn is America” video which was recently shot in Brooklyn, New York. Go now, and purchase the entire Mafia Swagg album on iTunes featuring this single “Don’t Hate the Hustler”. Lenny S.  the VP of A&R over at DefJam heard the song and commented on it, so you know it’s crack!


01. Shud B A Star
02. Hide & Seek (Feat Big Cakes)
03. Trapped In The Sound
04. Tunnel Vision (Feat Supar Novar & Iron Braydz)
05. Boy With The Lost Flow (Feat Tricksta)
06. Gems & Pearls (Feat Reload)
07. Ghost Walks (Feat Spectral)
08. Drunk In The Rave (Feat Ethneezy)
09. So Cold (Feat Sam Steele)
10. Profits
11. A New Day (Feat Spectral & Mark Anthony)
12. Feels Good
13. Trapped In The Sound (NYC Remix)
14. Is It Music

All Tracks Produced or Remixed by BEAT THIEF for Downtownsoul Records
All Vocals by MANNY MOSCOW for Heavy Handed (except where noted)


Danny Bones ‘Indiana Bones and the Temple Of BOOM’

Artist: Danny Bones
Mixtape Title: Indiana Bones and the Temple of Boom


01. Indiana Bones Intro – DANNY BONES
02. Gettin Me Down – DANNY BONES
03. All I Wanna Do – DANNY BONES produced by DEADMANWALKN
04. Family Tree – DANNY BONES
08. Sta Tru – DANNY BONES
09. Let Me (Give You All U Need) – DANNY BONES & GENESIS ELIJAH
10. Fake Frenz – DANNY BONES
11. They Say – DANNY BONES & BIG BEN
12. I Suffer – DANNY BONES
13. What U Know About Me – DANNY BONES, C-ZAR, BIG BEN
14. Did It Have To Be This Way – DANNY BONES
15. DopeMan – DANNY BONES
17. A Faggot – DANNY BONES
18. When The Nights Done – DANNY BONES & BIG BEN
19. Im Gone – SUPAR NOVAR
Bonus. Heartless – Kanye Dub – DANNY BONES
Bonus. Cant Believe It – T-Pain Dub – DANNY BONES
All tracks produced by Danny Bones apart from Track 3, 16, 20 and 21.

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J.Monday ‘The Sequel’

Untapped, yet full of potential, Harrisburg, Pa. rapper J. Monday is prepared to bring his city out of the shadows, onto hip-hop’s center stage with his authentic brand of music. Motivated by life’s obstacles and personal experiences, The Capital Kid brings forth his mixtape, “The Sequel”.

Laden with tight lyricism and clever rhyme schemes, Harrisburg, Pa., emcee J. Monday brings you his mixtape, The Sequel, sponsored by The Capital Kid’s brand of hip-hop resonates with people caught up in the daily grind. Born and bred in Pennsylvania’s capitol, the self-appointed King of the City has been building up to this moment with the prior release of songs like “Hello” where Monday formally introduces himself to the game; “Love/Hate” in which the emcee expresses his dislike for playa haters; and “Ratz” where he denounces snitches and taddle-tales.

Lethal lyrics over thorough beats are all over The Sequel. Authenticity is what Monday gives fans – real life and true stories!


01. Intro
02. Hello (prod. by The AmazNs)
03. In the Mirror
04. Fastlane (prod. by Trizz)
05. Love/Hate freestyle
06. I Don’t Know
07. Flying Rounds (prod. by The AmazNs)
08. Murder 1
09. You Know Who freestyle
10. Paper Pistols
11. Mz. Missouri (prod. by Jackpot)
12. My Thoughts
13. Ratz
14. Tanqueray & OJ
15. Living a Lie
16. The New freestyle
17. Same Cloth (prod. by J Yess)
18. In Your Shoes (prod. by Geez)
19. Outro


For more on J. Monday:
MySpace –
Twitter – @TheCapitalKid

Jai Boo & Reality Game Presents Paul Wall ‘It’s Going Down’

Check out Jai Boo’s brand mixtape hosted by Paul Wall called ‘It’s Going Down’. It features, PKT, Chamillionaire, Lil Keke, LATE, C Stone, Esincho, Fat B plus more with the last track ‘Slowed n Boo’d’! This is the ultimate soundtrack to the summer. Download and enjoy!

01 – Paul Wall – Intro
02 – Paul Wall – I’m on Patron
03 – Chamillionaire Feat. Paul Wall & Slim Thug – Main Event
04 – Esincho – 3rd My Coast
05 – Big Shane Feat. C Stone – Be About It
06 – Lil Keke – Addicted To Fame
07 – PKT Feat. Lil Keke – She Likes It
08 – C Stone Feat. Paul Wall, Slim Thug & Trae – Reppin Texas
09 – Fat B Feat. Paul Wall – Slo Mo
10 – C Stone Feat. Slim Thug – Been Gettin Money
11 – Dallas Diamond D Feat. Chalie Boy, Slim Thug & Fat B – Slab Love
12 – LATE – Supply and Demand
13 – Filthee Feat. Paul Wall & Glasses Malone – Rated R Superstar
14 – Lil Keke Feat. Dallas – True G
15 – PKT – Got Me A Cadillac
16 – Paul Wall Feat. Devin The Dude – Smoke Weed
17 – Paul Wall Feat. Devin The Dude – Smoke Weed (Slowed n Boo’d)

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Angry “Cookin’ Up Crack Volume 1 – The Lost Tapes”

01. Musical Life Story Feat. Angry (Produced By Angry)
02. Oi Cuz Feat. Angry
03. Pedal Piff Feat. Angry & Natty Realz (Produced By Angry)
04. Crack Music Feat. Angry & Big Dange’ (Produced By Angry)
05. Back In The Day Feat. Angry & Natty Realz  (Produced By Angry)
06. Reality Of Life  Feat. Angry & Natty Realz (Produced By Angry)
07. Dangerous Grounds Feat. Angry & Big Dange’ (Produced By Angry)
08. Forward March Feat. Angry, Big Dange’ & Natty Realz (Produced By Angry)
09. Day By Day Feat. Angry & Natty Realz (Produced By Skuffy Ryder)
10. Real Rap Feat. Angry & Big Dange’ (Produced By Angry)
11. It’s My LifeFeat. Angry, Big Dange’ & Natty Realz (Produced By Angry)
12. Champ Is Here Feat. Angry
13. Bangin’ At These Goons Feat. Angry & Big Dange’ (Produced By Angry)
14. Cookin’ Up Crack Feat. Angry, Big Dange’ & Natty Realz (Produced By Angry)
15. Im Movin’ Quick Feat. Angry (Produced By Angry)
16. Live For Our Seeds (Outro) Feat. Angry (Produced By Angry)

Download Link:—Angry—


Jaja Soze ‘Illegal Download’

Jaja Soze Prepares The Release of Groundbreaking Album “Illegal Download”

One name constantly mentioned when speaking about the U.K Hip-Hop elite is Jaja Soze. The founder of PDC Entertainment has an incredible army of followers, and his upcoming album “Illegal Download” is anticipated as one of the hardest albums to be released this year.

Jaja Soze has teamed up with one of the U.K’s biggest artists Lowkey, along with his other PDC artists Tempman, Marcus Jordon and Buttafly. The new album features cross-Atlantic collaborations including D Block’s AP, and Mistah FAB, and some other familiar artists. The twelve-track album is shaping up to be a classic.

Jaja has also been working hard indirectly outside of Hip Hop, touring schools and giving speeches to children about the negativity of the gang culture. Alongside this, WHSmith confirmed that his book “Street Boy” is one of the best sellers since its release. Lastly, Jaja was recently involved with a nationwide talent search called F.A.M.E, and acted as a judge for hopefuls attempting to win a recording contract.

Illegal Download will be available from July 25th on, and in August from all online/retail outlets.



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