The Parkside Project

Tricksta & UK Runnings is back with another superb FREE mixtape. This time we go over to South West London to Parkside where we get a fourteen track collection from rappers Manny Moscow, Blazin, Hicks and Spectral. Production comes with four tracks from Wolftown’s Tricksta, as well as contributions from Downtown Soul’s Beat Thief, the well-respected Miss Tofelees, Parkside’s very own Spectral alongside Bad Self, as well as iYun Fist. The mixtape also sees one of the UK’s best scratch DJ’s Jabba Tha Kut contribute on the superb ‘Deep Vibes’ track. We all know Manny Moscow from his superb street album ‘The Boy With The Lost Flow’ but this is a chance to get to know the other members of Parkside. Check it out now? .

01 – Tricksta Intro (Produced by Tricksta)
02 – Manny Moscow & Blazin – Hurt It (Produced by Tricksta)
03 – Manny Moscow, Spectral & Blazin – A New Day (Produced by Beat Thief)
04 – Blazin & Manny Moscow – Vibes By Da ParkSide (Produced by Miss Tofelees)
05 – Hicks, Manny Moscow & Blazin – Love 4 The Music
06 – Manny Moscow, Blazin & Jabba Tha Kut – Deep Vibes (Produced by Tricksta)
07 – Manny Moscow & Blazin – Fired Up (Produced by Tricksta)
08 – Hicks, Manny Moscow & Blazin – South-West Soldiers
09 – Blazin & Manny Moscow – Str8 Shots
10 – Hicks, Manny Moscow & Blazin – Back 2 Da Grind (Produced by Tricksta)
11 – Blazin & Manny Moscow – Friday Night
12 – Blazin & Manny Moscow – Your Love… (Wonderful) (Produced By iYun Fist)
13 – Tricksta Outro

DOWNLOAD the Parkside Project


BBC 1Xtra D&B Show with Crissy Criss

Crissy returned with a boxload of new tunes and dropped scorching dubs from Lenzman & Submorphics, Disaszt, Need For Mirrors and a couple from Command Strange! Then at 2am, Crissy dropped 61 tracks in 60 minutes in his monthly powerhour.

DJ Marky & Makoto — Togetherness 2009
Dillinja — So Special
Marky & SPY — Fangface
Dope Ammo — Cold Rock A Party (Jaydan Remix) (feat Tali)
Zen — That Sound
Twisted Individual — Rusty Sheriff’s Badge (Original Sin Remix)
Twisted Individual — Gimp Mask (Marky & SPY Remix)
Example — So Quietly (Cyantific Remix)
Xample — No Respect (feat Jakes)
Heist — Circuit Trouble
DJ Taktix — It’s The Way (Serum Remix)
Netsky — Midnight Express

Chase & Status — Is It Worth It VIP
DJ Lee & D. Kay — Tuning Remix
Original Sin — Decibel
Mutated Forms — Ready When You Are
Dillinja — Thugged Out B
Commix — Talk To Frank
Shifta — Be The Music
Medicin — Mobius Strip (Tantrum Desire Remix)
Danny Byrd — Sweet Harmony (Original Mix)
DJ Hazard — Killers Don’t Die
Fresh — Golddust
Dillinja — Shiners
DMinds — T10 (Original Sin Remix)
MC System — Near Miss
Dillinja — Tunnel Grinder
The Prodigy — Voodoo People (Pendulum Remix)
Dillinja — Basscone
Ant Miles & Moving Fusion — Mass Hysteria
Netsky — Everyday
Dillinja — In the Grind
Omni Trio — Renegade Snares (Bladerunner Remix)
Clipz — Scum City
Total Science — Squash
Original Sin — Pimp Don’t Limp
Moving Fusion — Star Sign
Tali — Blazin (Dillinja Remix)
Ram Trilogy — Screamer VIP
Dillinja — Life
Q Project — Champion Sound (Total Science Remix)
Original Sin — B Killer
Dynamite MC — Ride (Dillinja Remix)
Ram Trilogy — No Reality
Un-Cut — Midnight (MIST Remix)
Hype — Peace Love and Unity
Moving Fusion — Thunderball
Shy FX — Rah (G Dub Remix)
Ram Trilogy — Pacman (Remix)
Pendulum — Granite (Dillinja Remix)
Twisted Individual — Heavy Metal (Crystal Clear Remix)
Taxman — Harry’s Revenge
DJ Hazard — Busted
TC — Jump
Doc Scott — NHS (Total Science Remix)
S.P.Y. — Asbo
Dillinja — Watching You

Original Sin — R Bass
Dirty Phonics — Teleportation
Chase & Status — Smash TV
Original Sin — Ohm
Sub Focus — Could This Be Real (DnB Remix)
Ram Trilogy — Nightflight
G-Dub & Taxman — Tink Ya Bad
Serum — Push It
Sigma — Front To Back
Dminds & Hazard — Mr Happy
DJ Friction & Nu Balance — Robocop (Taxman Remix)
Plan B — Stay Too Long (Pendulum Remix)
Ed Rush & Optical — Alien Girl
Marcus Intalex & ST Files — How You Make Feel
Heist — Search Party
2 Db — Turkish Delight
Disaszt — Rebound
Lenzman & Submorphics — Respiration VIP
Command Strange — Brasileiro
Camo & Krooked vs Body & Soul — The Big Rush
JB & KDan — Love Affair
Command Strange — You Don’t Deserve Me
Need For Mirrors — Wasted Youth
Zero T & Need For Mirrors — Tilt
Funtcase — Drop Out
Sub Focus — Could This Be Real (Joker Remix)
Fabolous — The Words of Love (Makoto Remix)

BBC 1Xtra D&B Show with Crissy Criss

Fabio & Grooverider with Bryan Gee

Grooverider got a Bryan Gee mix for us this week on the Radio 1 Drum & Bass show. Grooverider also plays two of my favorite old school jungle tunes: Borderline — Screwface [Kickin Records] and DJ Nut Nut

Flaco — Untouchables [White]
Calibre — Is It U [Signature]
Sub Focus — Could This Be Real [Ram]
Heist — Won’t Let You Feel [Sumo]
Eveson — Alchemist [White]
Zen — Boombox [Grid]
Maldini & Sylo — Oceanic [White]
Borderline — Screwface [Kickin Records]
DJ Nut Nut — Special Dedication [Hard Step]
High Contrast — If We Ever [Hospital]
Steppa — Nitty Grit (feat. Ton Piper ) [White]
Heist — Unicron [Sumo Beats]
Rollz — Focus [Formation]
Distorted Minds — T-10 (Original Sin Remix) [Breakbeat Kaos]
Roni Size & Reprazent — Brown Paper Bag [Talkin’ Loud]
Nuyorican Soul — It’s Alright! Feel It (Roni Size Remix) [Talkin’ Loud]
Adam F — Brand New Funk [V]
Roni Size — Playtime [Full Cycle]
Krust — Kloakin Device [Full Cycle]
Dillinja — I Wanna Know [White)]
Peshay — You Got Me Burnin [Fuzion]
DJ Marky — LK (feat. MC Stamina and XLS) [V]
Medicine — Mobius Strip [White]
Dope Ammo — Untitled (feat. Tali) [White]
DJ Hazard — Mr.Happy [Playaz]
Rawtee — Inmate [White]
Crissy Criss — First Things First [White]
Heiest — Untitled [White]

Fabio & Grooverider with Bryan Gee

LOGIC Gaberlunzie: The Ancient One

LOGIC Gaberlunzie: The Ancient One
Labelled as a ‘rapper’ by society, Logic is an artist that’s main aim is to promote a positive message through his music. Born and raised in Brixton, South London, UK he grew up in a poverty driven environment. He is affiliated with the infamous PDC but his solo career really began when he performed at the well-respected record shop ‘Deal Real Records’ which used to be located in Carnaby Street. This is where he first performed to a crowd and the response he received was so good it gave him the confidence to continue on his path. Since then he has supported the likes of KRS-ONE, Immortal Technique and Saigon to name a few. As Logic continued to write new tracks and perform he joined forces with well known lyricist and recording artist Lowkey and together formed a duo called ‘New World Order’.

This project had a strong concept with the whole idea being based around the feeling of us as a nation and planet need to realise the powers that be and have a plan. Logic is also the general in the ‘Peoples Army’, a movement of like-minded people making quality lyrical Hip-Hop. Now in 2010, Logic unleashes his latest project ‘Gaberlunzie: The Ancient One’ which is absolutely FREE! That’s right people; here is a collection of superb music that actually makes you feel proud to be British!!

01 – The Birth Of A Gaberlunzie (Intro)
02 – My Life
03 – I Love
04 – Just Be You Feat Vally & BlaxNova
05 – The Score
06 – Here Now Feat Lowkey & Spells
07 – A Digital Age (Interlude)
08 – Money
09 – Falling
10 – Earth, Wind & Fire – Fantasy (Interlude)
11 – Making Love
12 – The Way I Look At Life Feat Prodigal Son
13 – Cloudy Day
14 – Plenty More Fish Feat Crow & Sty
15 – Letter To My Girl
16 – All That I Feel
17 – The Way We Live
18 – Tell Me Something
19 – Wanna Be Free Feat Vally
20 – Mum

LOGIC Gaberlunzie: The Ancient One