Boston emcee Gage from Click Animosity releases new track

Boston emcee Gage from Click Animosity drops his first single from his forthcoming ‘The Desolate Lands’ album’.

This banging new track features Karniage, Access Immortal, Mighty Ravage & Fess Gotchu and is a must for any discerning Hip-Hop fan. ‘Deadly Friends’ is out 8th August 2011 distributed by Island/Def Jam so make a note in your dairies and support real rap.

Gage got on the microphone officially around 1994 as a former member of the now defunct VHS Crew which consisted of Relm-1, Resek, Tizmoe (Trust), himself & others. Around 2007 Gage & Trust regrouped and formed Click Animosity and began almost immediately working on their debut album ‘Feeders Of The Flamez’ which was released last year. The album was released without any major distribution or promotion, but was well received by real Hip-Hop fans and has already been quoted as one of the best underground albums of 2010 by those lucky enough to have heard it.

Gage also has available his debut solo EP ‘Dead Angel/The Gospel’ available on iTunes now. This again made with DJ’s all over Canada and the USA playing selected cuts from the eight track EP which consisted of three original tracks and five brand new remixes. As well as ITunes this EP is also on Amazon and available direct from the Metal Barz Records the label headed by Canadian underground Hip Hop producer DJ Extremidiz who many know for his work with Shabazz The Disciple. Click Animosity is Gage, Trust aka T.Izmoe & Rheto also from Evil Dead, and they have also appeared on many compilations, mixtapes, radio shows & online radio shows.

Gage & Click Animosity have worked with many of Hip Hop’s elite legends & veterans in the rap game. Including DJ Doo Wop, Edo G, Prince Po from Organized Konfusion, Tame-One from Artifacts/Leak bros, Hell Razah, Shabazz The Disciple, Prodigal Sunn, Jus Allah, C-Rayz Wallz, Vast Aire, Lord Superb, Craig G from the legendary Juice Crew, Access Immortal, Karniege, junclassic, K-Sise aka Monsta X, T-Ruckus, Nine, Mykill Miers, Ayatollah, The Holocaust aka Warcloud & Crisis from Black Knights (Wu Tang) & many others.

Gage Feat. Karniage, Access Immortal, Mighty Ravage & Fess Gotchu ‘Deadly Friends’
Download link:



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